Mum-of-22 Sue Radford shares secret trick she uses to get kids to sleep whilst away on their 18th holiday in 20 months | The Sun

Mum-of-22 Sue Radford shares secret trick she uses to get kids to sleep whilst away on their 18th holiday in 20 months | The Sun

SUE Radford has revealed the clever trick she uses to get her children to sleep in the evenings while on their 18th holiday in 20 months. 

The 48 year old mum-of-22 and her partner Noel are currently in Richmond West in Miami, Florida, where they’ve been enjoying sandy beaches, sunny weather and quality time together. 

But like all families with young kids, it’s not always easy to get the little ones to sleep on an exciting vacation – especially if they spent the entire journey asleep. 

Luckily, Sue has revealed the one trick she uses that appears to work every time: a movie the kids love. 

Sharing a snap of Matilda playing on the TV while she lay down on a green and blue patterned bed, she told viewers: “Time for a bit of Matilda to get the little ones ready for bed as they’ve all slept on the journey here,” followed by two facepalm emojis. 

“We are planning on doing universal tomorrow,” she added. 

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Popping a film in the background is the oldest trick in the book and Matilda is a classic choice, too. 

And it appears the kids will definitely need a good night’s rest if they’re heading to Universal Studios. 

The theme park is packed with activities to do from roller coasters and water slides to joining the parade and watching The Tales of Beedle the Bard show. 

Since arriving in the sunny state in the United States, they’ve already been to the Versace Mansion, the beach and enjoyed the pool in the place they’re staying in. 

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Sue and Noel’s daughter Phoebe has also been left ecstatic by her room as it looks like something out of a spaceship. 

Her bed is elevated off the ground with blue neon lights in an indented section of the wall. 

“Phoebe is ecstatic with the room, the beds even have a fan to keep them cool,” Sue said. “Will film a house tour tomorrow”. 

While there’s no doubt that the family are having the time of their lives on their holiday, it hasn’t been without some struggle. 

Sue recently revealed that the whole family has been “badly bitten” whilst on their trip. 

She shared a picture of her foot, as she wore a mosquito repellent bracelet on her ankle.

The doting mum confirmed: “Really hoping these work. We’ve all been bitten so badly in Miami, which is strange as we never get bitten in Orlando.” 

But this isn’t the family’s first setback on their Miami trip as the jet lag impacted the kids in a big way. 

“Bless the jet lag has got [to] Phoebe and she’s crashed,” Sue revealed. 

And in the next scene, two of Sue’s other children were seen living their best life as they jumped into the swimming pool, as the mother then added: “Daisy and Oscar loving life.”

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The mum of Britain’s biggest family also added: “Lots of you asking if this holiday is getting filmed for the TV programme. No it’s not, they’ve not come with us this time. 

“But we are vlogging so you will get to see what we get up to.”

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