Mum left horrified after discovering HIDDEN room in new house & the walls are filled with terrifying photos

Mum left horrified after discovering HIDDEN room in new house & the walls are filled with terrifying photos

A MUM has taken spooked out followers on a journey as she discovered a hidden room in her house packed with odd items.

The woman took to TikTok to upload a series of haunting clips of as she unpacked the mystery items hidden in the walls of her home.

In the initial post Kam Mee showed her husband removing a panel from thewall in her home to unveil the hidden room.

She said: "So this is when my husband and I found a room inside of our house.

"You can see there are so many different layers of wall paper.

"We also found a couple of pictures and an old ASB card. The ASB card is for a school that no longer exists."

But the saga of the creepy space didn't end there are the mom has continued to upload videos showing the bizarre items she found in the walls of the weird room.

In one she showed a series of black and white pictures all with markings and messages on the back.

The most terrifying of which showed a small boy in a go kart with a headless man standing next to him.

The TikToker explained she hoped that the missing head was just something to do with the exposure on the picture rather than anything more sinister.

She also read out the cryptic message on the back of the snap.

She said: "Remember this creepy one? I don't know if this is a bleed or what it is, but take a look at the back: 'How to eliminate that annoying glare when one wears glasses'."

Fellow TikTokers were quick to comment on the terrifying snap.

One said: "Oh hell no, that's so scary."

While another said: "That looks like it would be in a Miss Peregrines book."

Another said: "It used to be popular to pay photographers to made these photos as a joke. It was the equivalent to filters."

Another agreed: "It definitely is exposure! That's awesome they probably put it there thinking it would scare someone someday."

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