Mrs Hinch shows off massive Home Bargains Christmas haul & there’s even a couple of Yankee candles chucked in there

Mrs Hinch shows off massive Home Bargains Christmas haul & there’s even a couple of Yankee candles chucked in there

MRS Hinch showed off her incredible Christmas haul from Home Bargains, picking up goodies from just 79p – including some Yankee Candles. 

As the UK heads into winter there’s one thing on everyone’s mind – Christmas. 

Festive lights have gone up and shops are full of decorations, and Mrs Hinch has been snapping some bargains as she prepares to transform her home into a winter wonderland.

The mum-of-one headed to Home Bargains where she filled several shopping bags full of goodies, and she shared a video with her fans on Instagram after she finally got round to unpacking. 

Mrs Hich, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, said: “Finally unpacked my Home Bargains haul that’s been sat in the kitchen since Wednesday.”

The mum picked up bits and pieces to make festive drinks, personalised presents, stocking fillers, household essentials as well as treats for Ronnie. 

And her house will be smelling like all things Christmas after she bagged herself some miniature Yankee Candles for the holiday season. 

One of the biggest bargains she nabbed was an adorable grotto for Ronnie, which is blank so you can colour it in yourself.

Mrs Hinch raved: “I was planning on buying one of these colour your own grottos online for £20, but this was £9.99! I had to buy it.”

She also grabbed some canvas paper, which she used earlier in the week for Ronnie to draw a cute bonfire scene on, saying the paintings make perfect gifts for family and friends – on a budget. 

Mrs Hinch, from Essex, wrote: “Brilliant for your keepsakes and perfect Christmas gift idea too. I know my family would all love a painting from Ron, affordable thoughtful gift idea.”

The cleaning fan, from Essex, puts as much effort into her presents as her house, so she snapped up adorable gifting accessories – for just a few pence. 

She said: “I bought these ribbons last year for my wrapping and I loved them! 

“They look amazing with craft parcel paper! I’m so pleased I could buy them again this year 69p each.”

And to finish off the look, she grabbed some miniature Christmas stamps for just 99p. 

Rather than use traditional gift tags, Mrs Hinch came up with the brilliant idea of repurposing hanging ornaments, saying: “I then spotted these hanging decorations, but I’m going to use them as gift tags.”

She also picked up self-seal bags for homemade gifts, snow blankets for 79p, a Christmas book featuring buttons to press for Ronnie, and snowmen-shaped cookie cutters.

That’s not all the mum will be whipping up in the kitchen, as she was inspired by seeing hot chocolate bombs online, so she forked out for some candy canes to recreate her own at home. 

Ronnie’s best mate Rex, Stacey Solomon’s youngest son, might be getting a few Christmas-themed bath mittens from the Hinch’s this year, after Sophie stocked up on designs featuring Santa and Rudolph. 

She said they make “perfect stocking fillers”, so couldn’t resist grabbing a few at just 99p each. 

Lastly Mrs Hinch admitted she’s also stocked up on two Minky’s – one of her go-to cleaning tools – as she “couldn’t resist”.

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