Mind-bending optical illusion shows an animal on a rooftop – but do you see a dog or a cat? | The Sun

Mind-bending optical illusion shows an animal on a rooftop – but do you see a dog or a cat? | The Sun

PEOPLE can't tell if the animal on the roof in a viral video is a dog or a cat in a mind-bending optical illusion.

At first glance, do you see a cat, dog, or something else entirely in the image below?

One optical illusion has baffled viewers who can't seem to figure out whether the animal in a viral video is a canine or a cute kitten at first glance.

The nine-second Viral Hog video really is a brainteaser as it questions the validity of your eyes.

It has over one million views and is sure to be a conversation starter.

The content takes place on a rooftop, where the cameraperson is recording an animal on the roof from a distance before zooming in.


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In the video, the person behind the camera dictates to viewers what he's seeing before him on the roof.

"So, I'm like, 'Oh look at this cute little lab just kinda hanging out," they say.

However, it only appears to be a dog's head, and it's unclear where it's body is.

The person filming then questions if it is decapitated and asks rhetorically: "What's going on?"

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It is at that moment that the animal shifts and reveals itself to be another four-legged creature entirely.

From a different perspective, you may realize that you're not actually looking at an animal's face, but its backside.

What animal did you see at first?

The correct answer is that the animal in fact a cat perched on a roof.

If you guessed a cat, then you may be more perceptive because many people in the comment section of the video mistook the creature for a dog.

"I thought it was a white husky….a husky would get its head caught," one viewer commented.

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"I thought something was in front of the dog," another added.

"Witchcraft!!!," another humorously wrote.

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