Masterchef host reveals the three omelette cooking mistakes we’ve ALL been making

Masterchef host reveals the three omelette cooking mistakes we’ve ALL been making

WHEN in doubt over what to have for dinner, an omelette is always a speedy surefire crowd-pleaser.

That said, they're SO quick and easy that we find ourselves chucking whatever we can find into a frying pan and inevitably ending up with a rubbery, scrambled mess.

Luckily for us, MasterChef the Professionals host Marcus Wareing has revealed how we can correct the three mistakes we've ALL been guilty of at one point or another.

In his new book Marcus Everyday, the Michelin star chef stresses how important it is to use both the right ingredients and kitchen utensils when cooking an omelette.

Mistake 1: Cooking the omelette over a high heat

Although it's tempting to quickly cook your omelette over the highest heat possible, Marcus is more of a "slow and steady wins the race" kind of chef.

Detailing his perfect recipe, Marcus writes: "Get your pan on the hob over a medium heat – no hotter than that.

"If the pan's too hot, you'll brown the omelette."

The expert recommends putting a generous knob of butter in the pan and allowing that to melt down and brown before adding the egg.

Mistake 2 Not using the correct utensils

He writes: "The perfect omelette requires four key things – fresh eggs, butter, a non-stick pan and a spatula.

"Believe it or not, the non-stick pan and the spatula are as important as the ingredients themselves."

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Rather than sticking it in whatever frying pan we have to hand and poking at it with a fork, using a spatula to flip the omelette prevents it from breaking apart while the correct pan means it will cook more evenly.

He advises: "Gently move the egg mixture around with the spatula, don't whip it."

What's more, a non-stick pan will also make it easier to manoeuvre the omelette when you're ready to flip it and stop bits breaking apart and getting burnt.

Mistake 3: Flipping the omelette too early

The chef insists resisting temptation and only flipping the omelette when it's almost fully cooked on one side.

He added: "The moment to flip it over is when the mixtures becomes one – but is still a little runny.

If you fail to flip the omelette at this all-important stage then it will start to cook from underneath which will then make the whole thing rubbery and cracked when you do fold it over.

Marcus Wareing's Omelette Cooking Tips

  • The fresher the eggs and butter, the better
  • Use a non stick pan to ensure it cooks evenly
  • Flipping the omelette with a spatula will prevent it from breaking apart
  • Cook the omelette over a medium heat to stop it browning
  • Only flip when the omelette is almost fully cooked on one side – but still a little runny
  • Remove the omelette from the pan as soon as it's folded over

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