Love Island's Laura Anderson admits disaster boob jobs have left her in pain, scarred and longing for a natural chest

Love Island's Laura Anderson admits disaster boob jobs have left her in pain, scarred and longing for a natural chest

WHEN Love Island’s Laura Anderson stepped onto our telly’s in 2018 she had that winning formula to bag a coveted spot in Majorca’s most famous villa; she was blonde, busty, feisty and went on to have her fair share of drama getting caught between Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson. 

But while she appeared bursting with confidence as she graced our screens in little more than a bikini, behind the glowing tan, Laura – like three in four women – was unhappy about one part of her body – her boobs. 

As part of Fabulous’ Going Bust series – which is helping raise awareness for boob confidence and promote the importance of getting checked – Laura spoke to Fabulous about her second boob job, which have left her with huge red scars under her bust, numbness and pain. 

The former air stewardess, 31 – who is currently dating personal trainer Tom Brazier – says she’d now ‘do anything to have my pre-surgery boobs back’ and is warning other women that surgery ‘is not a quick fix to feeling confident.’ 

It all started when Laura, age 18, got a loan behind her parents back and had a boob job to take her chest from a 32B to a 32DD. 

“I was desperate to be a glamour model like Lucy Pinder as that was the thing back then. I wanted to be sexy and models were sexy. 

“So the day before I turned 18 I got the loan and went and did it as soon as I could. 

“My mum was actually very supportive but my dad went bananas and I can understand why. 

“I regretted it as soon as I came out of surgery – when I woke up I just cried. 

“I’d asked the surgeon for the C cup implants but they’d put in the bigger ones and said it’d ‘save me cash in the long run as they knew I’d want them done again’ but I hated them as soon as I saw them, they were massive.” 

They just looked too big, it was distasteful but, would I have got onto Love Island without having such big boobs? I’m not so sure.”

But slowly, as the swelling went down and the male-attention went up, Laura – who had a boyfriend at the time – says she got used to her new chest and for a brief stint it did make her feel better. 

“I hated wearing a bra so the novelty of not having to wear one was great – I wanted to be able to throw on a string bikini and not feel I had to stuff it. 

“The modelling took off too and I did it for three years posing for the lads mags like FHM and Zoo and I was also in Playboy once. 

“But it was superficial, that new confidence my boobs gave me.

“Yes, I’d be happy being naked, I’d be happy in the bedroom but things changed when I came out of Love Island.” 

While Laura says she was trolled about weight, whenever she looked at pictures of herself after leaving the villa there was one thing she always disliked – her boobs. 

“They just looked too big, it was distasteful but, would I have got onto Love Island without having such big boobs? I’m not so sure.” 

In March 2019, after struggling with shooting pains in her left boob, Laura decided to go under the knife again to have her implants changed.

“This time I did loads of research and had numerous consultations to understand my options and what could be done. 

“Sadly there weren't many. I couldn’t have a more natural tear-drop implant or go much smaller as my skin was too stretched, which is what people don’t think about when they get surgery done so young. Due to my skin, if I wanted to go smaller or change the shape, the surgery would’ve been much more complex and the scarring worse – it would have also been a boob lift.

“My surgeon just confirmed what I always thought though, they were too big for my frame and too high up.”

How to check for breast cancer: The 5 step self exam you can do at home

There is a five-step self exam you can do at home to check for any changes.

1. Begin by looking in a mirror, facing it with your arms on your hips and your shoulders straight.

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2. Still looking in the mirror, raise both arms above your head and check for the same changes.

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5. Feel your breasts while either standing or sitting, using the same small circular motions.

But despite Laura putting herself through gruelling surgery again – she’s still not happy with them. 

“When I came around I felt quite disheartened again. They’re still so big and I have these huge red scars which I don’t think will go. 

“I can't really feel them either and they can sometimes be quite painful too. 

“It’s actually got to the point now where I’m considering having them done again just to try and fix them for a third time – but it’s a vicious cycle. 

“All I want is 18-year-old Laura’s boobs back before surgery, but I know that is impossible.

“Having no implants and to be natural is honestly the person I feel inside but I’ll never get that back.

“I want to spread the message out to other women – girls like the 18-year-old me – and say surgery is not the answer and I want women to know it won’t just doesn’t solve all your problems.

“I know there’s girls out there that are like, ‘I really want that guy to fancy me, he fancies that girl from Love Island, I’m going to get my boobs done’, I’m like ‘Noooooo’, it’s such an irreversible, huge thing to do that it’s so common for people think it’s not a huge change.

“It is and I’ve lived for over 10 years bitterly regretting it.”

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