Ladies, TODAY is the day your man is most likely to propose… and it's all thanks to Venus and the sun being in alignment

Ladies, TODAY is the day your man is most likely to propose… and it's all thanks to Venus and the sun being in alignment

THE sun and Venus form their once-a-year conjunction (traditionally known as the cazimi Venus, or Venus being “in the heart of the sun”) on August 14th, which means they are in the exact same place in the sky from our viewpoint here on Earth.

When two planets form a conjunction, they combine energies like a cosmic tag team to bring a couple of days where the areas of life those planets rule over have a particularly strong presence for us.

Venus is ALL about relationships, indulgence, love, and beauty.

A planet which underpins the focus and magnitude of our desires.

So, prepare for your love life to perk ALL THE WAY UP around August 13th – 15th (peaking on the 14th)!

You could meet the love of your life, be surprised by a PDA from a crush you never knew you had, finally pluck up the courage to ask the object of your affection out, or even be proposed to by your BAE!

This sun and Venus conjunction occurs in the glitzy, ritzy sun sign season of Leo, so we’re all generally feeling sexy, passionate, bold, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed anyway.

Leo brings out our inner Diva (maybe not so ‘inner’ for Leos, Aries and Sagittarians!), and this mood forms the ‘base line’ of whatever astro events happen in this season right now- like this conjunction.

Because of the conjunction making Venus’s vibes super-charged, and those vibes being in the sign of Leo, it’s a great time to go on the front foot in your love life. 

US astrologer Jake Register explains: “Think of the archetypal Leo—dramatic, outgoing, creative, fiery, and bold.

"Venus is channelling those vibes into our relationships and the cazimi Venus just amplifies it to the nth degree so it’s good for pulling all the stops and being loud and proud like a Leo in your love life.

"It’s a day where you can easily find the confidence to send that first text, or invite your crush to get coffee, or do something super cheesy and flashy to ask someone you’ve been dating to be in a serious relationship with you, or even pop the question and propose to your S.O.

"With this strong Leo energy, the bigger you go, the better, and there’s no such thing as being too extra here. For Leo Sun/Venus/Rising signs, this is an extraordinary day for your love life.”

14 August day where you can easily find the confidence to send that first text, or invite your crush to get coffee, or even pop the question..

What makes this astro event even more pronounced is that the days leading up to it (from the 10 until 12 August) are marked by a smorgasbord of tougher astrological aspects between Venus / the Sun and Neptune / Pluto.

What THIS means is that we may’ve been experiencing a lot of self-doubt and insecurity about our relationships and whether others really do actually even like us… the cazimi Venus sweeps all of that negative BS away, and we are left feeling super-confident and UP for it.

So what does this mean for YOUR star sign?

And, finally, Venus also rules over beauty and aesthetics, so it’s a great day to go get THAT makeover, haircut, shopping spree or beautifying spa day. Indulge yourself- Venus says it’s OK!

Because this astro events occurs in Leo season, all of the Fire signs will swim along just fine through the cazimi, enjoying the vibes and feeling at home with this kind of passionate energy.

It’s with these signs that the love-impact will be the most powerful.

Gemini and Libra will also fare very well, as Air signs are typically compatible with Fire, and will see a surge in their love life activity.

However, Aquarius, although an Air sign, is the opposite sign of Leo, so the zodiac’s water bearers may actually encounter some relationship hiccups over these few days.

The same applies to the other Fixed signs – Taurus and Scorpio.

The cazimi’s influence may manifest as changes which occur more suddenly, perhaps a passionate disturbance to a relationship or a new love interest that rocks the boat.

The remaining signs- Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces- are less likely to experience the maximum benefit of the cazimi’s loving vibes.

However, nothing negative is on the cards as this astro event is SUCH a positive one, even when its influence is weaker.

All in all, you’ve gotta make August 14th a BIG date night!

Jake Register is a US astrologer, follow at @jakesastrology.

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