Karren Brady's career advice on securing a pay rise from your boss

Karren Brady's career advice on securing a pay rise from your boss

APPRENTICE star and West Ham United vice-chair Karren Brady answers your careers questions and meets an inspirational CEO.

Here she gives a reader advice on how they can secure a pay rise from their boss.

Q) I am a vet and have recently become emergency-care certified, which is a fee-paying qualification I completed in my own time, studying for months to increase my skill set.

I spoke to management at the practice where I work to request a pay rise, as I believed my qualification would help them to attract clients, but they said they are not able to give me an increase at this time.

Now the practice is promoting on its website that it has an emergency-care-certified vet.

I feel strongly I’m adding extra value, thanks to something I did in my own time and at my own expense, and they clearly agree.

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How can I get the pay rise I believe I’m worth?

Priya, via email

A) You have invested a lot of time and effort in achieving this qualification, so I completely understand you wanting to be paid more.

Management telling you you’re not able to get a pay rise “at this time” gives you no clarity on the reasons why, or when the time will be that you could get the increase.

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Your practice is under no obligation to up your salary, however if you know that you are generating more income then there are definitely conversations to be had.

If there is no negotiation on your pay, perhaps propose a share of the new business you are bringing in — for example, ask for 25% of the emergency-care fees you generate.

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If you are again told no, you either have to accept you won’t be paid more within this practice and get on with it.

Or it might be time to start looking for somewhere that pays in line with your qualifications and what you think you are worth.

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A day in the life of…

Ayesha Ofori, 37, is the founder and CEO of women’s investment platform PropElle. She lives in London with her banker husband Tony, 43, and daughters Amelia, four, and Amaya, 10 weeks.

I wake up at…

Around 7am. I breastfeed Amaya, then once Tony’s taken Amelia to school and our nanny arrives, I’ll have porridge, fruit and honey, then a shower. At 9.30am I head to my desk in my bedroom, where I sit on a Pilates ball, which is good for posture.

A normal day is…

I answer urgent emails first thing, check my diary and plan my day. Then I work through less urgent emails — lots of unread messages make me feel anxious. Three days a week, at 10am, I meet virtually with one employee who drives product and service development and another who focuses on admin. Right now, I’m also meeting with investors to help grow the business. We educate our 2,000 members about property, pensions, mutual funds, equity and help them to invest in property from as little as £100. I want to add other investments, such as equities, to become a one-stop-shop platform for investment and wealth-building. As well as running networking and online events, we use industry speakers, who I research and book. I finish work at 6pm, then after the children are in bed, I’ll do more planning and strategising until 1am.

The best part of my job is…

Receiving emails saying we have changed members’ lives. Before launching the business in 2019, I was a wealth advisor at Goldman Sachs, where the minimum account size was £10million. Helping the rich become richer started to feel unfulfilling. I wanted to help people who needed the money, and I focused on women because, overwhelmingly, women don’t invest enough.

And the worst…

It’s my business so I struggle to switch off. I’m my finance, marketing, legal, compliance and HR person, and with two kids, it’s crazy. I’m about to take on a business partner.

I wind down by…

Spending time with my children. I listen to biographies on Audible by successful people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

I’m about to start meditation sessions, which I’m excited about.

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