I've saved £2k with cheap homemade Chinese, Indian and pizza fakeaways & it’s helped me drop three dress sizes too

I've saved £2k with cheap homemade Chinese, Indian and pizza fakeaways & it’s helped me drop three dress sizes too

A CHINESE takeaway addict is unrecognisable after dropping three dress sizes after she started to make her own 'fakeaways' at home.

Tanya Friel, 26, from Redditch, Worcestershire, piled on the pounds after getting into an unhealthy habit of ordering a takeaway every weekend which left her fearing for her health and struggling to squeeze into a size 18 dress.

But a year ago, Tanya pledged to ditch the takeaways – but reluctant to give up her takeout favourites, learned how to cook them at home herself to satisfy her cravings.

Now only has she shed more than two stone, she's saved a whopping £2000 – and now has legions of fans online desperate to see her latest fakeaway creations.

Last September, Tanya started making a variety of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Pizza and Mexican fakeaways at home to satisfy her cravings.

Now, Tanya has managed to drop from a size 18 to a size 12 within the space of 12 months.

She has also managed to save a whopping £1,820 a year by ditching her unhealthy habit.

Tanya's favourite fakeaway to make is a Chinese which only has 505 calories in per portion; a big difference to the staggering 2,242 calories in the takeaway version of her meal.

Tanya, who lives at home with her partner, said: "When I was diagnosed, I knew that I needed to lose weight but I was in that much pain with the illness that I couldn't walk or do any exercise.

"It got to the stage where I kept piling on the weight, so I joined Slimming World last September as I was determined to finally lose this weight I had put on.

"I used to have a takeaway every weekend and sometimes during the week as well so swapping them out for fakeaways has not only helped me lose weight, it's helped me save a lot of money.

"I've always loved to cook, and I use my Instagram account to share my recipes and it's given me an accountability to lose weight every week.

"My motto is 'ditch the bread' so I will always try and substitute bread out of my diet whether that's swapping burgers for lettuce or making my own egg wraps.

"I had a fear of not actually losing weight at the beginning but now I can see a difference, I feel more comfortable with sharing my before pictures and my partner, family and friends are extremely supportive.

"I used to wear baggy clothes to cover everything up but now I like to dress up and I feel a lot more confident than I did this time last year.

"I knew that I didn't have an excuse not to lose weight and now I've influenced friends and family to start to use some of my recipes!"

Fakeaway VS Takeaway


  • Salt and chilli chips: 96
  • Egg fried rice: 130
  • Honey and chilli chicken: 200
  • Noodles: 60
  • Curry sauce: 19


  • Salt and chilli chips: 910
  • Egg fried rice: 365
  • Honey and chilli chicken: 649
  • Noodles: 147
  • Curry sauce: 171

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