I’ve picked four possible baby names for my daughter but people say they ALL make her sound like a stripper

I’ve picked four possible baby names for my daughter but people say they ALL make her sound like a stripper

BABY names can be hard to choose, especially if you want something a bit different.

With endless options it can be had to tell if the names you like will work in the real world.

One expecting mum took to Mumsnet to get help deciding on what to name her daughter.

She didn't get the reaction she was expecting when she shared he top four names, people couldn't believe she was actually considering some of them.

"I want something a little different to the top 20 names if possible," the expecting mum said.

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The user took different to whole new level when she revealed the names she had in mind.

Venus, Story, Ember and Apricot topped the list of the new mother's top picks.

She shared that regardless of the first name, her daughter's middle name would be Jean, so the first name had to match with the classic name.

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Other parents couldn't believe she was really considering the unique names: "This is a joke, right?" One user commented in disbelief.

Although user wanted something different, she didn't expect such a strong backlash from her choices.

The least favourite for the fellow users was the Fruit inspired name, Apricot.

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One said: "I know someone who was named after a fruit and the mockery at secondary school was relentless. Why would you give your child a name that encourages bullying?"

Another added: "Story and Apricot are your pregnancy hormones talking. They're not names."

Ember was the best of a bad bunch for the amazed readers, but they still thought the name was better for a stripper than a child.

Story and Venus where also big no's, one concerned mother said "Venus is a lot to live up to!"

While another joked: "What happened to calling your child something normal like Emily or Bethan?"

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