I’ve got naturally big boobs & I’m constantly judged for it…men expect me to sleep with them & woman ask me to hide them | The Sun

I’ve got naturally big boobs & I’m constantly judged for it…men expect me to sleep with them & woman ask me to hide them | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has revealed that she has naturally big boobs and is always judged for it.

Christina, 19, from Switzerland, posts on TikTok under the username @_chocochrispie_.

In a recent clip, the youngster explained that she always receives the same comments and stares from people as a result of her large chest.

She claimed that men expect her to sleep with them and women always ask her to put her boobs away. 

She posted her clip to the social media app with the caption ‘help.’

She said: “POV: You have big breasts.”

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Christina claimed that men always make rude assumptions about her and her sex life just because she’s got big boobs.

She said that men often say to her: “You must have sex with everyone.”

Not only this, but she said that older women are often judgemental towards her as a result of the size of her chest.

She explained that elderly women say to her: “You should leave something for the imagination.” 

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As well as this, due to the size of Christina’s boobs, she claimed that many people will stare at her, but they won’t try to make it subtle.

She explained that people will: “Look at my breasts in an obvious way.” 

Another thing that really annoys Christina and is something that she hears regularly, is women asking her if her boobs are fake or not.

She claimed that women often ask: “Are they real?” 

Christina’s video has clearly touched many, as it has quickly racked up 567.2k views.

It has 79.1k likes, 1,187 comments and 228 shares.

Many social media users could empathise with Christina and revealed that they too experience similar comments as a result of the size of their breasts. 

One person said: “When ur fully covered and still get told off for having them out ?” to which Christina replied “My full life.” 

Another added: “Same sis.” 

A third commented: “That’s so true.” 

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Meanwhile, someone else claimed: “Some of these started happening to me, and I'm 14?” to which Christina responded “I’m sorry, I know how it feels, I send you a big hug ❤️” 

Whilst one woman posted: “I wish I had them” to which Christina explained “I understand what you say but believe me, it is better to be careful with what you wish.”

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