I’m proud to be a hairy girl – trolls say I’m vile but I don't care, I've ditched the razors for good | The Sun

I’m proud to be a hairy girl – trolls say I’m vile but I don't care, I've ditched the razors for good | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she is proud to be a hairy girl and has ditched the razors for good. 

The self-proclaimed ‘hairy woman’, Mischa, from the UK, explained that she won’t shave her armpits or private parts, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. 

Mischa took to social media to show off her body hair, but was met with mixed reactions.

While some praised her for embracing her natural beauty, not everyone was as keen and others called her “vile” and “disgusting” for letting her hair grow.

In one video, we saw Mischa swimming in the sea in a bright pink bikini.

She then got out of the water, showing off her body hair, as she said: “Hairy girl summer.”

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Mischa then added: “You don't have to shave to have a bikini body.”

In another clip, Mischa posed for the camera, whilst wearing a beautiful yellow summer dress.

Her hair blew in the wind as she noted: “Classic (windy) British summer time.”

She then lifted up her arm, to stop her hair from flying everywhere, putting her armpit hair on show. 

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Mischa’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @mischa.in.the.wild, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed a whopping 430,800 views. 

It has 23.5k likes, 231 comments, 2,159 saves and 147 shares.

But social media users were divided at Mischa’s body hair display – while some gushed and called her “beautiful”, not everyone was as kind. 

One person said: “So beautiful.”

Another added: “Amazing.” 

A third commented: “Very nice.”

Whilst someone else gushed: ”Mischa, you are the most beautiful classy romantic sweet stylish great woman I have ever seen in my life.”

However, at the same time, not everyone was as complimentary, and the cruel trolls were out in full force.

One nasty troll posted: “Disgusting.” 

Another user requested: “Shave your armpits.”

Someone else simply noted: “Vile.” 

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Whilst another user wasn’t happy and explained: “I didn’t want to see this.” 

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