I’m plus size, trolls always say I’m too big to dress the way I do, but I don’t care I know I look great | The Sun

I’m plus size, trolls always say I’m too big to dress the way I do, but I don’t care I know I look great | The Sun

FOR some of us it takes a bit of time learn to be comfortable in our individual shape and size. 

The pressures of fashion don't make it easy for us to appreciate our own unique shape and style. 

But one woman is pushing the boundaries of body positivity and has decided to hit back at her haters for judging her size. 

Nicole Mcurry from Scotland has decided she loves her size 22 frame and has vowed to keep wearing the clothes she loves despite trolls telling her not to. 

Nicole shared videos in bikinis, short dresses and tight fitting clothes. 

Nicole has shared some of the mean messages she has received online about her weight. 

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One user said: “Flaunt what? A trip to the cardiac arrest unit?”

Another said: “Lose some weight.”

A third viewer said: “I see a pink elephant. That mean I’m drunk?”

A fourth commented: “I mean if you think that’s not utterly disgusting like everyone else then you do you.”

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But Nicole said: “For every bad comment I’ll post another photo/video.”

And it seems many of her followers agree as Nicole has received just as much love and she has hate. 

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One viewer has said: “You’re so beautiful and you inspire me.”

Another said: “You are absolutely stunning inside & out I need your confidence girl xx.”

A third viewer said: “You are Absolutely beautiful and I’m so jealous of your makeup skills & confidence xxxxxx.”

Nicole had continued to hit back at her haters in another video she said: “A message to the weak boys in my comments." 

She continued: “IDC (I don’t care) I’m hot asf.”

To others struggling with body confidence she says: “Be big be bold be beautiful.”

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The fashion fan has also announced to her followers that she is now a mum and that she enjoys singing. 

The body influencer has now built a following of 250,000 followers on TikTok with over 6.7 million likes.

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