I’m plus size and too fat for plane bathrooms – there’s no way I’m fitting in standard ones, so I take drastic action | The Sun

I’m plus size and too fat for plane bathrooms – there’s no way I’m fitting in standard ones, so I take drastic action | The Sun

A PLUS size woman has revealed the measures she has to take whenever she gets on a plane. 

TikTok user BoBerryVIP said she sometimes struggles to get into a standard size bathroom on board, and explained the solution she had found to the issue.

“Flying while fat – Lavatory edition :),” BoBerryVIP wrote as she answered a follower who questioned: “This is a weird ask but have you ever used a plan bathroom, it’s the main reason I don’t travel far cause I’m afraid I don’t fit.” [sic] 

Explaining she’s ready to “get awkward” and address the issue, the TikTok user shared a clip of herself struggling to fit in the aisle of a plane as she attempted to get to her seat. 

“I don’t fit in a standard aeroplane lavatory at all, forget the difficulty of having to get two seats to fly – accessibility to a bathroom is the number one roadblock for me when it comes to long distance travel,” she said. 

She went on to share that she found a website called Wheelchair Travel, which had “a great article on wheelchair-accessible aeroplane lavatories”. 

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“This is where I learned that US laws require a wheelchair accessible lavatory on all wide-body crafts, but they don’t make the same requirement for narrow-bodies,” she went on. 

BoBerryVIP said she simply can’t use the bathroom on narrow-body planes and her maximum time of going without one is six hours. 

“I’ve never had a problem with that before, except for once I came super close to having an accident on a flight from Chicago. There was some bad weather and the plane was re-routed. It added on two hours to the flight and things got a little sketch – but that’s a story for another day,” she said. 

The brunette beauty said wide-body planes are usually for long-haul flights, which means there will be at least one wheelchair accessible toilet on board that is “also big enough for a big person to use”. 

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She continued: “When I flew to Spain, I flew on a United Boeing 777-300ER and this is a wide-bodied plane that has two aisles. 

“When they had us enter the plane, they had us come in from the front. I checked all of the lavatories on the way to my seat to figure out which one was the big one.” 

Placing the plane map on the screen, she then scrolled down to show where all the toilets were as she explained which ones were off limits to her. 

The two business class lavatories were standard size, which meant she couldn’t use them. However, one of the business class bathrooms near the middle of the plane, she explained, was big enough for her to be able to use. 

“I fit in this just fine, but the issue is I don’t fit in business class seats,” she went on. “I also don’t fit in premium seats, so I need to sit in economy.” 

In this section, BoBerryVIP said she needs a row with arms that go up so she can fit across two seats. 

With the only accessible lavatory for her being in business class, BoBerryVIP had no choice but to call the flight attendant from economy to tell her what was going on. 

Concluding her explanation, she added: “I know this seems really scary and overwhelming, but it’s not that bad and being up in the sky feels so liberating, you’re going to feel great on the walk back to your seat and by that point you’ll be about halfway through your trip to wherever you’re going.” 

People were left grateful for the TikTok user opening up about her experience as one person wrote: “People in the comments have absolutely zero idea about what it’s like to be plus size. Absolutely none. Thank you for sharing your story.” 

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Another said: “I applaud your efforts for sharing this information with so many that may need it. Stay beautiful”. 

While a third shared: “Let’s be honest airplane bathrooms are ridiculously small. Even I feel claustrophobic in them & I’m pretty small like HUH?”

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