I'm plus size and did a huge Boohoo sale haul but it was a disaster – half of it didn't fit and one dress stank of fish | The Sun

I'm plus size and did a huge Boohoo sale haul but it was a disaster – half of it didn't fit and one dress stank of fish | The Sun

WE'VE all looked at some of the items on offer during the January sales and thought, 'it's no surprise that's been discounted.'

But one content creator decided to do what we all aren’t quite brave enough to do and tried on the strangest pieces included in the Boohoo sale.

TikTokker @lux_island regularly shares plus-size fashion inspiration with her 29,000 TikTok followers. 

Although in a new reel, she shows her followers what not to spend their money on – including a dress that arrived stinking of fish. 

First, she tries on a pair of red faux-leather flared trousers, currently reduced to just £15. 

“I always wonder who these do suit. 


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“Because they go up to a size 26 I think, 28, and I’m just like…do you know what I mean? 

“Do you know what I’m saying? Very spicy for my body.”

Next up is a short-sleeved pink cardigan.  

“I mean I love it, it’s f****** gorgeous, it’s actually nasty, gal. Nasty gal, nasty gal, nasty gal. 

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“Ey? But you’re not really meant to wear a bra with it. 

“I just tried it love but my f****** baps were hanging low off floor and I canny do that.” 

On the bottom half, the content creator has a studded faux leather mini skirt – although again, this doesn’t fit as she’d hoped. 

“Couldn’t even do the zip up. 

“Do you know what size this skirt is? It’s a f****** size 24, the little b*******. 

“They’ve got me in a chokehold. I can’t even do zip up. F****** disaster.”

Luckily there is one piece she likes – a faux leather v-neck sleeveless jumpsuit. 

“Do you know what, I actually like this, but I think I’ve gone for the wrong size? I think this is actually banging. 

“So I ordered it and thought, ‘oh yeah, a nice PU jumpsuit, all in one, baggy trousers’. 

“No, it’s actually a vibe. 

“So I’ve gone for a 22, should have gone for a 20, but I actually love it. It’s got really stretchy sides, look. 

“Look, elasticated sides. 

“But I just think with maybe like a polo neck underneath, with Converse, this is a vibe. 

“And it’s so f****** comfortable. This has gone the complete opposite way I was expecting it to go. I actually love it. 

The same goes for the next piece – a v-neck burgundy faux leather dress. 

“Okay, another one I’m not mad at. How the tables have turned.  

“I like this. I like this a lot. 

“The only downfall is it smells of fish, but I actually do like this. 

“I think it’s really nice. 

“Feel like my belly button’s sticking…that’s not going to work for me. That is bang in the middle of my belly button. Look. 

“Like a bit of cleavage, a bit of cleavage-o. 

“It’s really nice. Black halterneck again, halterneck, polo neck.” 

Also in her order was a metallic knitted crochet co-ord, which she pairs with a black bralette and underwear. 

“Seen it on the model and I thought could it really be as bad as I think it would be, and it really is. 

“First impression is barbed wire. 

“Barbed wire vibes. Copper. Literal I think my legs are cutting. 

“It is beachwear so you would ultimately wear it over a bikini, when I wear a black bikini. 

“This does not look nice. Like what is, this is belly button. 

“Oh god, even worse from the back. Jesus, Mary, Jesus and Joseph and wee donkey.”

Fans loved the honest review, with the video gaining more than 250 likes and 7,900 views. 

In the comments, her followers raved about some of her sale finds, with one writing: “Love the pleather Jumpsuit!! had mine on today.”

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Another said: “I love the red dress on u looks banging.”

A third put: “The dancing. I bloody love you.”

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