I’m over 50 – people tell me to 'dress my age' but pretty lingerie makes me feel amazing | The Sun

I’m over 50 – people tell me to 'dress my age' but pretty lingerie makes me feel amazing | The Sun

AN experimental middle-aged woman is not letting societal standards define what looks she pulls out of her wardrobe.

Instead, Sasha is taking matters into her own hands and continuing to wear items such as crop tops and lingerie well into her 50s.

"Dress your age. That's what our society tells women over 50. It's like we all need to shop at Garanimals for grownups or something," the older woman began in a TikTok video.

"It started for me in my earlier 40s, when a friend told me that I couldn't shop at Banana Republic because I was too old.

"I think that's flawed advice. I think you should wear what's flattering and what you feel comfortable wearing."

Sasha gave an example of how she doesn't allow herself to feel limited by her age.

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"I was shopping the other day and I thought I'd try one of the popular crop tops. But, when I stood up I looked fine – I have a nice looking stomach.

"But when I sat down, I was like nah."

She moved on to advise that you should know your body.

"I can't wear those cute pink-toed shoes from the 1940s because I have a long second toe, and when I wear them it looks like I'm flipping people off," she joked.

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She described another type of top she tried on.

"Another shirt I tried the other day didn't work either. It had one of those horizontal openings above the cleavage, and all it did was create a frame for my cheery moles, and it was like, no thanks."

There's a certain print the fashion fan loves to wear as well.

"Even though I'm not a country girl, I do enjoy wearing some of the subtle camouflage prints that are out there. I think it's kind of cute, so I'm going to do it. No matter what anyone says," she asserted.

And lingerie isn't off the table either.

"One last thought, we need to heed the advice of French women and get the pretty lingerie. I've just recently started doing that, and it makes a big difference in how I feel.

"There's some out there that's not very expensive. I've been using Adore Me, and it's really fun. Get some," she concluded.

People in the comments section of Sasha's video shared her sentiment about wearing what she wants despite age and societal norms.

"The only thing we should stop wearing after the age of 40 is the weight of other people's expectations," one person wrote.

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"A friend said 40 was too old to shop at Banana Republic??? I was 40 before I could AFFORD anything from there!!" exclaimed a second.

"65… Still browse the junior section… just in case!" a third person chimed in.

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