I’m mum-shamed for moving into my parents' home with my baby at 25…trolls say my mum & dad should be enjoying retirement | The Sun

I’m mum-shamed for moving into my parents' home with my baby at 25…trolls say my mum & dad should be enjoying retirement | The Sun

A YOUNG mum has been shamed online after moving into her parents' house with her newborn in order to get more sleep.

Fellow parents will know that having a newborn often means sleepless nights – but one mum, Chenoa Vale, from Nashville, Tennessee, had come up with a solution.

Instead of dealing with the crying herself, the 25-year-old decided to get her mum and dad to do it… without consulting them beforehand.

According to Chenoa, who shared the story on Instagram, she picked a random morning and walked into her parents' home at 5am with her baby resting in her arms.

As she slowly made her way into their bedroom, viewers could see that her dad was still fast asleep whilst her mum was already awake.

Next, the video revealed, the 25-year-old handed over her baby to her mum and whilst she was playing with her, Chenoa dashed away as fast as possible.


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All chuffed with this move, she wrote in the caption: ''We now can get more sleep.''

However, whilst Chenoa and her partner, Chris, may be enjoying their time-off as parents, people on social media were not so impressed with the manoeuvre.

Thousands raced to comments to mum-shame the 25-year-old, with many insisting it wasn't fair on her parents.

One person reckoned: ''Bless them they should be enjoying their retirement not looking after their adult kids and grand babies.''

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Someone else agreed, calling her parenting ''irresponsible''.

''Maybe you shouldn’t have had kids,'' another chimed in.


''Why bother your parents at that ungodly hour?'' a viewer was horrified.

However, amongst all the mum-shamers were also heaps of support, where some social media users hit back at the trolls.

A fellow mum said: ''It’s such a blessing. And to see my baby light up when he sees my mom is a core memory I’ll never forget.''

''I think it must be a cultural thing too, but in Eastern Europe grandparents live to spend time with their grand kids,'' an Instagram fan shared.

''Really strange to read some of these comments saying they should enjoy their retirement/ they are baby sitters.''

Chenoa and Chris regularly share adorable and heartwarming family moments on their Instagram page, as well as TikTok.

Their videos have also won the duo a massive following of more than 175k fans.

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