I’m in the no bra club – the small boob community salutes my outfit tweak to avoid lingerie, it works all waking hours | The Sun

I’m in the no bra club – the small boob community salutes my outfit tweak to avoid lingerie, it works all waking hours | The Sun

A WOMAN has been saluted by the small boob community after she shared her no bra club hack that means she never has to wear one again.

More and more women are opting to ditch the undergarment as they choose comfort instead.

However, some women still prefer the padded and supported feeling, and also wish to cover their nipples.

Brooke (@ohlooksitsbrooke) shared on her TikTok how women can achieve this by spending very little money.

The video has over 130,000 views and nearly 10,000 likes as women seek braless hacks.

Brooke's video caption said: "To all my small boob pals and go burn your bras! #sewingtiktok #nobra"

She held up a bodysuit that was inside out and showed two bra pads attacked to the inside.

Brooke said: "I don't know a single thing about sewing, so nobody make fun of me, but I will try my best to show you how I avoid bras at almost all waking hours of my adult life.

"I have small boobs so this won't work for everyone but take from it what you can."

With a bodysuit, a needle, thread, and some old sports bra or bikini pads, she made herself some padded clothes.

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Her first tip is to find a piece of clothing that has two layers or "some kind of inner lining" this is so the stitches do not show on the outer layer of the clothing.

Brooke threads a needle and ties the end into a knot so that when she threads it through the pad it automatically stops instead of pulling all the way through.

She then puts the needle through the fabric of the piece of clothing, but only the inner layer so the bra pad is attached to the garment.

She told viewers: "Sew, sew, sew. You're gonna want to pull the thread tight but not too tight otherwise it's going to create a tug in the fabric."

Brooke doesn't sew the entire pad instead, she just attaches the top and two places at the bottom and then ties off the thread before moving on to the next pad.

"There she is in all her glory – your new braless solution," Brooke said.

She added:"If none of that makes sense you can just forget what I just said and just shove them in there – no one is going to know."

Brooke jokingly told her viewers that one time the unattached pads fell out of her top while on a date, so told them to "keep that in mind."

Viewers were overwhelmed with the no bra hack, with one saying: "The small t**** community salutes you ma'am."

Many called her a "genius" and "really smart" with a number of women saying that they will do this to their bodysuits for the summer.

One viewer gave the added tip that good quality foam bra pads are available at ALIEXPRESS "for cheap."

Another added: "This is a common technique used in wedding alterations!

"Do you mind if I stitch your video with a tutorial on the professional method?"

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Brooke replied in the affirmative, adding that she was "totally winging it" with her technique.

Despite her basic sewing tips, a number of women were keen to copy the hack in their own wardrobes.

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