I'm in the 'no bra club' – my boob-control fashion hack is so comfortable and no one can tell the difference | The Sun

I'm in the 'no bra club' – my boob-control fashion hack is so comfortable and no one can tell the difference | The Sun

THE internet has revealed one of the ultimate no-bra club hacks for thin shirts.

Exposed nipples mean some women often have to wear bras even if they don't want to, but this hack has changed the game.

"Okay so I hate wearing bras," the young woman in the TikTok video explained at the start.

Though she had "discovered nipple covers" two years prior to making the short clip, she said the old nipple covers would never stick properly

For anybody who "sweats more than the average person," the TikToker spilled that she believes Nipppy, a leading reusable nipple cover company, is the ultimate solution.

Despite their being sticky, they are reportedly painless to remove.

In the video, the young woman inserts one underneath her blouse.

To show a comparison of the bra-less look with and without coverage, she turned to each side and said, "this one you can see the nipple, and this one," she turned, "is so seamless that you can't even tell."

She did not at all appear to be joking when she said, "these are the best thing that ever happened to me."

Commenters were excited about the idea of an ultimate solution to nipple visibility that comes with being initiated into the no-bra club, but one viewer had a question about the covers.

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"I'm in the south and my little ladies sweat," the comment explained.

"They able to hold up in Southern summer?"

A separate comment from an owner of the product confirmed, "I have some they are amazing."

One TikToker was happy they "finally got a pair!"

In a different video from the nipple cover brand, an arm is used to show how easily the adhesive on the covers comes on and off.

The caption said they are "waterproof, sweatproof, and reusable."

There was some skepticism from potential users about the convenient-sounding claims, though.

"It’s prob gonna lose its stickiness after a while tho [sic]," one comment read.

Nipppy replied: "Can be used up to 100+ times! Just wash with mild soap + water. Comes with 2 pairs as well."

Referencing the nipple-less doll of yesterday and tomorrow, a TikToker said: "Yes! I'm trying to look like Barbie."

Some nipple covers show underneath clothes; a commenter wrote, "I have some that literally forms a circle and shows through everything," unlike the clever version shown in the video.

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They are also available at a beloved big box store.

"I got mine from Walmart," a comment confided. "It’s awesome."

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