I'm an interiors expert & your home says a LOT about your personality – I know if you're a socialite or a typical mum | The Sun

I'm an interiors expert & your home says a LOT about your personality – I know if you're a socialite or a typical mum | The Sun

MANY of us take pride in our homes and not only want them to look great, but want them to show off our personality too. 

The UK’s leading online design-led furniture brand, Swoon, has consulted its design experts to discover what trending fabrics and textiles reveal about your personality. 

From satin to suede, there are hundreds of textiles and textures for you to choose from, and each fabric you use in your home can reveal a lot about you.  

According to the interior design professionals, whether your home is full of velvet, linen, corduroy, boucle or yarn, they can tell a lot about you. 

The experts know whether you like to be the centre of attention or whether you’re more of a humble homebody, all depending on the materials found in your home.

What’s more, the interior experts can see if you’re a typical mum of the group or whether you’re a trendy hipster. 

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Velvet – ‘the socialite’

According to the experts at Swoon, if you have velvet in your home, you’re a sociable person that is the fun of the party.

The experts explained: “If you’re a fun loving, super social twenty-something (or at least still party like one!), velvet is your ultimate go-to fabric. 

“Bold, spirited, and chic – crushed velvet emanates luxurious, cocktail party vibes, after all, you love to be the centre of attention.” 

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Linen – ‘the mother’

If linen is more your thing, it turns out that you're typically the mum of the group and are someone that likes an early night. 

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The experts continued: “Whether you have children, four legged friends, or you are just the mother of the friendship group, we bet you love a chilled out, early night in bed after a long day. 

“And, what better fabric to unwind upon than linen? 

“If you’d love to replicate the ‘Coastal Grandma’ trending style, or simply love a minimalistic, natural aesthetic, linen is the ideal fabric to enhance your current interior to the next level."

Corduroy – ‘the hipster’

But if your home is full of corduroy, you’re most likely a hipster.

The experts said: “You’re cool, and you know it. 

“You listened to that popular artist before they were famous, and most of your clothes have had more than one previous owner. We get it. 

“We bet you’ve got some corduroy in your wardrobe, but did you know you can incorporate it into your abode, too? 

“With its distinctive cord pattern, this fabric stands out, but not in an obvious way – just like you."

Boucle – ‘the trend-setter’

If boucle is more your style, the interior experts would describe you as a typical trend-setter.

They added: “You’re all about trends and staying on top of them – from styles straight off the runway to chic vintage pieces from eras long gone.

“Since you’re always on it with the nation’s current obsessions, we can only guess you have this fashionable fabric in your abode already. Yes, we’re talking about boucle. 

“This organic looped fibre fabric is all of the rage at the moment, oozing modern cosy vibes into any space."

Yarn – ‘the homebody’

Finally, if you are currently in your living room, with yarn not far away, the experts would see you as a humble homebody.

The experts at Swoon concluded: “You’re probably reading this from the comfort of your living room – candles are lit, Netflix is on, a freshly prepared dish is bubbling along in the oven – you’re a homebody. 

“You enjoy nothing more than an evening in, playing board games with your loved ones, enjoying each other’s company from the comfort of your own home. 

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“With this in mind, the fabric most suited to your personality, unsurprisingly, is the humble and homely yarn.

 “This spun thread is long lasting, and has an organic aesthetic that would fit perfectly into your unpretentious and intimate abode. "

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