I'm an interior design pro & there are two trends I'm sick of – my easy swaps will make your home look way much better | The Sun

I'm an interior design pro & there are two trends I'm sick of – my easy swaps will make your home look way much better | The Sun

AN interior design whizz has revealed the two trends to ditch – and what to buy instead.

Marissa, better known as @barelykeepingittogether, took to TikTok to explain which popular trends she's fed up of seeing all the time and easy swaps to bag right now.

Advising her 132k fans to not make these mistakes, the guru started the video by sharing her thoughts on tableware with words printed on top, such as ''jam'' and ''spread''.

Although you might think of it cute and quite functional, Marissa urged followers to be ''done'' with this trend.

''All of this looks cringeworthy at this point, to be honest.

''Sorry, it's over. If you like it, go ahead.

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''But I advise you to stay away.''

An alternative the pro recommended was opting for more neutral bowls and pots, for instance, a plain white plate.

If you want to give your home a more modern feel, swap these for square-shaped tableware.

''White dishware is never going to go out of style. If you are a little bit more traditional, you can stay circular,'' she chuckled.

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The second major error people make when decorating their rooms is purchasing word art.

''Let's just not hang it in our homes,'' Marrisa begged.

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Instead, she noted, create a gallery wall – not only is it relatively simple but it will also make your home look more elegant and up-to-date.

But despite the recommendations, the response amongst social media users was mixed – some agreed, some shared a different opinion.

''Or, we can just let people buy whatever they want. That works too,'' one person reckoned.

Another commented: ''Say no to square plates!''

''How will my family know it’s HOME if there isn’t a sign stating so?!'' a TikTok fan joked.

''Not me watching while sipping coffee out of my Rae Dunn mug that says “hot mama” on it,'' a fourth chuckled.

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