I’m an elegance coach & there's 10 things classy women shouldn't do in the summer – miniskirts are a no-no | The Sun

I’m an elegance coach & there's 10 things classy women shouldn't do in the summer – miniskirts are a no-no | The Sun

AN ELEGANCE COACH has revealed the 10 mistakes that instantly make you look cheap in the summer months.

Anna Bey, revealed the social errors not to make this summer if you want everyone to think you're classy.

In a YouTube clip, anna listed the mistakes commonly made so that you can avoid them this summer.

While you may thinking donning a summer hat makes you look effortlessly chic, Anna reveals there's a time and place for it.

"Don't wear them after 6pm in the evening," recommends Anna.

The elegance coach adds: "A lot of ladies don't know about this mistake and actually end up wearing their day time beach hack as a night time accessory."


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And this is a big dress etiquette mistake.

Summer is the time for picnics in the park or on the beach, but wearing an appropriate outfit is key to a sophisticated al fresco experience.

Anna said you should never wear a miniskirt or dress as you'll be sitting down and may accidentally flash, which isn't something a classy lady should do.

"My picnic rule for all you elegant ladies is wear longer skirts or trousers," she adds.

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Another fashion blunder that is often made during the summer is wearing underwear that is on show.

Anna said: "It ruins the entire top, the objective is to hide your bra."

Brits love nothing more than a BBQ in the summer, but Anna reveals if you only have a balcony to cook it on then you shouldn't even bother.

She explained that it was poor manners to have a BBQ as the smell will often seep into your neighbours' apartments and they won't be thrilled with the odour of sausages lingering.

If you plan on spending a summer day walking around sightseeing then make sure to leave your bodycon dress at home.

Not only will you spend the day constantly pulling it down – but it also doesn't look attractive to people around you.

And if you end up lucky enough to be invited onto a boat this summer you need to make sure your pedicure is on point as nobody wants to look at unpolished feet while on a yacht claims Anna.

In terms of beauty products, Anna said you should avoid wearing foundation during the summer and embrace the natural look.

"In particular avoid dewy foundation," she adds as they often include shimmer which makes you look like a 'grease ball' in summer.

You should also avoid wearing perfume during the sun as it can damage your skin- instead Anna said to opt for a nice coconut smelling sunscreen.

Another mistake Anna points out is going on holiday to trendy places.

The elegance coach explains that Mykonos was once an elegant get away but is now full of tourists – and recommends not travelling there.

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However, she recommends exploring other Greek islands.

Lastly, Anna revealed the number one rule of etiquette – to never show up to someone's event empty handed.

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