I'm an animal behaviorist – six breeds I wouldn't own, they're common favorites but not suitable for a family home | The Sun

I'm an animal behaviorist – six breeds I wouldn't own, they're common favorites but not suitable for a family home | The Sun

AN animal behaviorist has revealed six popular dog breeds she would not own.

Some dog breeds can naturally have different personalities and depending on your home situation, one may be a better fit than another or should be avoided altogether.

“Some of these are because of the breeds health issues or because they’re simply not meant for a home environment,” TikTok creator Beth The Behaviourist (@chemicalcha0s) said in a video.

Beth also explained that health issues could arise in some of the breeds she listed, which would make her stray away from owning them.

The six breeds Beth would not own include a Chihuahua, Pug, Bulldog, French Bulldog, Australian Cattle, and Australian Kelpie.

Beth did not go into further detail about exactly why she wouldn’t own the specific breeds but people in the comments and owners of these breeds had a lot to say in response to her suggestions.

Here is a breakdown of the six breeds.


One user responded about this breed and said: “I’ve read that chihuahuas are great dogs, it’s just how they are treated that makes them so defensive and aggressive.”

Beth responded back agreeing and said: “Totally agree mine were ace.”

The dog behaviorist noted in another response about chihuahuas that “they aren't bad dogs just not for me!”

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Pugs are a beloved breed but can run into health issues when they get olderCredit: TikTok/chemicalcha0s

One user said: “I have a pug. I never wanted a pug buuut he fits in. First and last one I’ll ever own.”

Another user admitted she didn't like them at first but now she loves pugs and said: "always said this about a pug…4 years later, Best family dog we’ve had, I’d get more tomro."


One user pointed out that the main issue with Bull Dogs is their health issues and said: “I think bulldogs are so cute but I can’t justify the serious health issue.”


A user responded about French Bulldogs and said: “Much as I adore the Frenchie, not till they sort out their breathing issues. Agree with this list.”

Beth responded to this user and said: “Some of them are so full of personality and some of them are dead behind the eyes from what I’ve come across they’re a weird breed.”


One user wanted to know why Beth had chosen this breed and said: “What's wrong with Australian cattle dogs? genuine question, I don't know much about the breed, only that they're really cute.”

Beth responded saying: “They’re bred to bite the heels of cattle, not exactly a family pet breed.”


The Australian Kelpie is also known as a “heeler.”

Many agreed that this breed can get a bit out of hand but people still love owning them.

One user said: “I have two red heelers and they are bats**t crazy. They aren't meant for everyone.”

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A second user said they have to be put to work for what they were bred for and said: “I have several heelers and they’re the best working dogs you can find. But I would never suggest them only as pets. Those dogs need work.”

Some else explained the breed as "controlled chaos."

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