I’m a young teacher and it’s a nightmare – people think I’m a student & parents don’t take me seriously… | The Sun

I’m a young teacher and it’s a nightmare – people think I’m a student & parents don’t take me seriously… | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the struggles she faces in the classroom as a young teacher. 

Known only as Ms. Winders on TikTok, the brunette beauty describes herself as a first year teacher “just trying to keep up!” 

Posing in a classroom in a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, black top and a cream and green-coloured cardigan, she shared what it’s like to be a teacher in your 20's. 

Moving to the sound of It’s The Hard Knock Life from Annie, the movie, she shared the different phrases she hears all the time. 

“Where’s the teacher?” was the first to come up, indicating that she’s sometimes mistaken for a student in her own classroom. 

Moving to the other side of the screen, Ms. Winders then wrote: “Parents don’t take you seriously”. 


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“Are you old enough to teach?” is another common question she receives. 

While other times, she’s been told: “All student’s should be in class!” [sic] 

“The struggle is real!” she added in the caption

A fellow young teacher was one of the first to comment on her post as they wrote: “I get the same exact reactions I just learn not to answer… one of my students thought I was the teachers daughter”. [sic] 

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Another shared: “I can totally relate,” with three laughing emojis. 

While a third added: “Almost 30… 5 year teacher.. And still get this,” [sic] with a bemused emoji. 

But others were quick to praise young teachers, explaining their opinion that they’re better. 

“I prefer younger teachers , they get their students more on an emotional level imo,” [sic] with a shrugging emoji. 

Another gushed: “I love teachers that are in there 20s there the best and the Sweetiest”. [sic] 

And a third added: “younger teachers js better. All my teachers like 40”. [sic] 

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