I’m a wellness expert – the £1 simple trick to getting the best sleep ever and banish morning-breath for good

I’m a wellness expert – the £1 simple trick to getting the best sleep ever and banish morning-breath for good

A WELLNESS expert has revealed the simple and cheap trick she uses to instantly improve her sleep.

Alexis Fischer, shared the hack on her TikTok account, lexfiish, where it has been viewed over three million times.

Alexia often shares general wellbeing and health advice on her TikTok but people were particularly interested in her simple tip for sleeping better.

In the video Alexia tells users about 'mouth taping' which is the practice of gently taping your mouth shut whilst you sleep so that you breath from your nose rather than mouth.

You can buy mouth tapes on amazon for as little as £5, but you can also use surgical tape which you can buy for £1 a roll which will do a similar job.

Simply all you do is stick the tape over your mouth before going to sleep.

Alexia said: "It prevents you mouth breathing all night, and you will get the deepest sleep you will ever experience.

"It is a little uncomfortable at first and you will have to get used to it, but try it out."

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Not only can mouth taping help decongest your nose, stop snoring and put you into a deeper sleep, but it can also help fight off bad breath and prevent cavities.

The Sleep Foundation website says: "Before trying mouth taping for sleep, it is a good idea to test the mouth strips during the day. If you have difficulty breathing through your nose due to allergies, nasal polyps, or another reason, you should avoid mouth taping."

Alexia said if you were not comfortable using the method of mouth taping you could try an anti-snore chin strap at night to help keep your mouth closed.

Some users were cautious about trying mouth taping and Alexia said you should consult your doctor before trying this method.

But other users claimed it had totally transformed their lives, one wrote: "This has changed my life. No more snoring, mouth breathing, or congestion."

"I love it SO MUCH it’s game changing. and I freak out my fiancé before bed every night…win win." Wrote another person.

One woman wrote: "This is the single most life changing thing I've ever learned from TikTok. I've been doing this every night for six months. Can't sleep without it now!"

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