I’m a vet & here are the 2 reasons why you should never take your pooch to a dog park…they're a disease hub for a start | The Sun

I’m a vet & here are the 2 reasons why you should never take your pooch to a dog park…they're a disease hub for a start | The Sun

A VETERINARIAN has advised that people should avoid taking their pooches to dog parks.

So if you have a dog, or are thinking about getting one soon, you’ll want to take notes. 

Dr Hunter Finn, a vet located in McKinney, Texas, is the owner of Pet Method Animal Hospital.

He regularly posts videos on TikTok talking about all things pets and advice for those with animals. 

In one of his clips, Dr Hunter explained why he wouldn’t encourage pet parents to take their pooches to dog parks.

He shared his video with the caption ‘If people properly trained their pets or picked up their poo, I’d be much more likely to go to dog parks.’

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The animal expert then said: “Why I don’t recommend my patients go to dog parks.” 

Explaining the two main reasons why he isn’t a fan of dog parks, he said: “Most of my dog wound cases come from dog parks.”

Secondly, he noted: “Infectious diseases spreading from poo or saliva.”

Dr Hunter’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly gone viral and has amassed a whopping 1.7million views.

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It has 77.8k likes, 1,140 comments and 2,949 shares.

Many social media users took to the comments to reveal that they agreed with Dr Hunter. 

One person said: “Exactly!! Won’t do it. Instead, do long lead fetch in safe areas.” 

Another added: “I’ve had 2 dog attacks happen at a dog park.. never again. We just do pup play dates with their cousins now.” 

A third commented: “I refuse to go to them. I went a handful of times to my local one until a dog attacked my lab and the owner yelled at me for it.”

Someone else explained: “I would never take my boy to a dog park. I love him too much to perhaps put him in harm.” 

However, many other dog owners disagreed and revealed that they often take their pooch to dog parks and have never had any issues.

One owner revealed: “My dog and I have been going to the same dog park for years every day so that me and her can meet our friends after work. That really changed my life.”

Whilst a second chimed in: “The one I go to is amazing, it’s 109 acres and part of a state park. Plenty of space to avoid dog/owner issues.” 

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Meanwhile, someone else posted: “We are fortunate to be able to go around lunch time. It’s the same 5-7 dogs every time with good owners.” 

Another noted: “I'm lucky to be near a well maintained park with several volunteers that keep the park clean. I even do what I can when I visit.”

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