I’m a very hairy woman – I used to be insecure about my ‘beard’ and unibrow, but I’ve realized they're a blessing | The Sun

I’m a very hairy woman – I used to be insecure about my ‘beard’ and unibrow, but I’ve realized they're a blessing | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER has revealed she considers being a hairy woman a blessing.

She has come a long way from the days when she saw it as a curse and felt insecure about her "beard" and unibrow.

Helin Doski's (@helinndoski) honesty in her post has seen it reach over 281,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

She was, she said, on a mission to: “Normalise body hair.”

Her candor has bought comfort to many women, who have felt shame having excess body hair.

But Helin is batting for: "Team hairy nothing – wrong with body hair," she said.

"I won’t hide my natural genes for people’s comfort anymore," she insisted.

She has an extraordinary following on TikTok, of over 2.3 million and another 129.1 million likes.

It was her openness in this post that struck a chord with many others.

"I’m a very hairy person. It’s not just my arms, I also have like my own little beard going on.

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“I had really bushy brows, a little unibrow, and my mustache."

Helin suffered for it at school, and one friend, in particular, was unkind.

“She would make jokes about how hairy I was. Like, ‘Oh my God, look at Helin, she’s got a beard.'

“She did this in front of boys a lot, which I found really weird and that’s when I started to wear my hair down so that nobody would see my beard.

“I’m not going to lie, the comments used to really hurt me even though I know they were kind of just jokes."

Her mom finally bowed to her pleas to cut her brows after one trip: “It was the final straw. My eyebrows were literally blowing in the wind."

As far as hair removal was concerned, she had tried them all.

“I’ve bleached, shaved, epilated, lasered, [and] waxed."

But to her surprise, contentment finally arrived when she changed her attitude to her hairiness.

"Literally no matter how much hair I removed I only found happiness once I stopped viewing it as a curse and as a blessing."

For the first time, she could see the virtues of having the body type she did.

“I’m blessed with beautiful eyebrows, long lashes, hair that grows long and I’m happy and grateful," she said with a beaming, confident smile.

“Don’t be ashamed of [body hair]. It’s natural and we’re still beautiful.”

Commenters loved her bravery in speaking out and were reassured too.

“Oh my God, finally someone talked about this. Like people really need to normalize not making fun of people with body hair," said this person.

“Girl same. I have hair growing on my neck too," said another.

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This fan has managed to view it positively too: “I used to be insecure but now I just think of it as my personal fur coat for winter.”

It was a similar response from this viewer: “Same this is the most relatable video that I've seen.”

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