I’m a teacher and my lip balm hack makes kids behave – it’ll work at home too | The Sun

I’m a teacher and my lip balm hack makes kids behave – it’ll work at home too | The Sun

KEEPING kids behaving can be a challenge, particularly for teachers at school.

One teacher has revealed the lip balm hack she uses to make her pupils behave in lessons – and parents are keen to try it out for themselves.

TikTok user @zelyassin uploaded a video showing how her kids love “smelly dots” that she makes on the back of their hands using scented lip balms.

She explained: “Classroom management hack!

“They love ‘smelly dots.’

“It makes them want to follow procedures/make better choices much more! 

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“I give them out randomly, so they’re always trying to be their best to earn it!

“Saw this idea on TikTok and gave it a try! The things they will do for one of these.”

Zelyassin clarified that she asks each parent’s permission at the beginning of the term if they are happy for her to do it, and checks there are no allergies.

She said her kids love smelling it and it works wonders for their behaviour in class.

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Her video has racked up over 19,000 likes and parents were impressed. 

One said: “That’s so cute.”

Another added: “What a great idea.”

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However, one person commented: “Maybe try putting it higher up on their forearm so they’re still encouraged to wash their hands.”

And someone continued: “Maybe better to put it on a sticker so no bacteria.”

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