I'm a sugar mama & pay my man £11k a month to do whatever I want – he's 15 years younger than me & I love being a cougar

I'm a sugar mama & pay my man £11k a month to do whatever I want – he's 15 years younger than me & I love being a cougar

DATING can be tricky for most people, but this woman seems to have it easy and pays her man to do anything she wants.

Julie, 44, is a proud cougar and sugar mama whose man is 15 years her junior and earns a cool £11k a month just by being her boyfriend.

The 44-year-old, who posts under @julie.withthebooty, shares details about her relationship on TikTok where she proudly flaunts her youthful looks and playful personality.

She revealed that she only dates younger men because they can "keep up with her", but there are benefits to dating an older woman too.

According to Julie, there's "no drama" with an older woman and despite what people think she's "never worried" that her man will leave her for someone younger.


In one clip on TikTok, Julie revealed some of the questions she often gets asked about her life as a sugar mama.

She admits that she buys her younger man "anything he wants" and in return, he does "anything I want."

What's more, she claims to give him an allowance of a huge $15,000 (£11,000) a month, but apparently, it used to be more.

"I lowered it because last month he forgot to clean the pool," she wrote on TikTok, but did not reveal what the previous amount was.

People joked in the comments that they'd happily clean the pool if it meant getting paid such a high amount.

Particularly if it means doing it in your knickers as her man was seen doing in the background of her video.

Julie says she's often told she "doesn't look 44" with some saying she looks like she's in her "late twenties."

"good genetics," one person wrote in the comments.

while another said: "You don't look a day over 29."

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