I’m a size 16 with big boobs – tops always look ‘inappropriate’ on me but I’m just existing in my body | The Sun

I’m a size 16 with big boobs – tops always look ‘inappropriate’ on me but I’m just existing in my body | The Sun

ONE woman is opening up and letting her critics' opinions loose.

Lizzie (@lizziehj_) is sick of hearing people tell her a top is too revealing for her size 16 body and large chest.

In a recent video, she clarified her disregard for what other people think about her chest size.

The big-boobed creator fluffed her hair and looked away from the camera.

Lizzie wore a V-neck floral top with high-waisted denim.

"Am I showing off my boobs?" the background sound asked.


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Lizzie directed her gaze to the camera now, and her mood shifted.

She mouthed the words to the sound as if in a conversation with someone else.

Lizzie continued: "Or do I just have big boobs and exist?"

Her caption read: "The amount of times I have to change so I don't look 'inappropriate.'"

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The sentence ended with a sad face emoticon, resembling her exhaustion from being told to cover-up many times.

Women wrote to Lizzie in the comments section and shared their ability to relate.

A frustrated woman added: "Thank you!! I am so sick of hearing "I'm showing off" for just wearing a top that isn't up to my neck!"

Another woman exclaimed: "My life!!"

"Agree to both and just want to say thank you," one supporter said.

"100%, especially as I mum in this heat," an honest viewer commented during the summer.

"Show off them girls," a supportive fan wrote.

And a sweet follower declared: "You’re so pretty."

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