I’m a savvy mum & was challenged to feed my family-of-four for under £5 – I made a chicken curry and it was so easy | The Sun

I’m a savvy mum & was challenged to feed my family-of-four for under £5 – I made a chicken curry and it was so easy | The Sun

A SAVVY woman has revealed how she was able to feed her family-of-four on a very tight budget. 

Lucy is a mum to two young children and often uses her social media account to share the incredible meals she comes up with while never spending over a fiver. 

And in one clip, she could be seen in Tesco with her little one in the trolley as her partner handed her £5 and 10p in change. 

“Are you giving me some inflation?” Lucy questioned, to which he replied: “Yes.”

Dressed in an all black outfit that she paired with a jean jacket, she got straight to work as she said: “Right, so they do some curry sauce in Tesco. It’s all over the internet, it is 45p. 

“So we’re going to get some chicken, some veggies and some rice and cook it up!” 

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She then went and got two chicken breast fillets for £2.55, one onion for 13p and a red pepper for 60p.

Lucy also got a tin of garden peas for 24p and another tin of potatoes for 38p, which she said were both “Aldi price matched”.

When asked if she thought it was under a fiver, she said: “I probably didn’t even need the 10p”. 

Her partner then zoomed in one the total price, which came up to £4.35.

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He then shared: “Absolute bargain, well in budget, and you could have used the rest of the money to buy rice but we’ve got loads in the store cupboard.” 

When back home, she noted that the curry had no red sticker on it, which she said meant it’s “relatively healthy”. 

TikTok user @mealsbylucy then revealed that she would be cooking it all in the slow cooker for ease. 

The first step she took was to chop up the onions and red pepper in thick chunks before putting it all into the pot. 

She then added the peas alongside the chicken pieces and the entirety of the curry sauce.

Putting the lid on, she said: “I’m going to leave it for three to four hours. I’m not going to put the potatoes in yet because they only need a very, very short time.” 

After several hours, she returned to check on the curry and put the potatoes in to cook for another half an hour. 

She then returned for a second time to shred the chicken. 

Lucy then served it up with some rice, which her partner said tasted “gorgeous”. 

“That does not taste like a 45p curry sauce, that is absolutely gorgeous,” he added. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “Honestly Lucy you’ve made my life so much easier.”

Another shared: “These videos are so good for university students or people on low income to help them get good meals”.

A third said: “I going to make this ..thanks Lucy ..so cheap,” followed by a heart emoji. 

And a fourth added: “Your probably helping parents feed there kids all month it’s great”. 

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Meanwhile, one mum has revealed how she naked 24 meals for her family-of-four for just £20.

And another has shared she feed her family-of-three for just £16.50 every week. 

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