I’m a savings pro – I compared Aldi and Lidl food shops to work out which one is really cheaper, there’s a clear winner | The Sun

I’m a savings pro – I compared Aldi and Lidl food shops to work out which one is really cheaper, there’s a clear winner | The Sun

AS WE all scramble to grab savings wherever we can at the moment, there are two supermarkets which bargain hunters constantly flock to- Aldi and Lidl. 

Their prices are hugely competitive – but is one of them better than the other?

Consumer Expert Tom Church, from money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk, decided to pit the two stores against each other by picking up an identical list of groceries at both shops and comparing the prices. 

He said: “Bargain hunters are always mentioning the savings they make in these shops on our Facebook group, so I decided to find out which brand offered the best overall value.

"I was surprised by the results – there was indeed a winner, and I thought it would be a lot closer than it was. Here’s what I found.”

Beef Mince – Cheaper at ALDI, Save 20p

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Beef mince is a good option if you want to get your protein in on a budget. I’ve noticed the price of chicken breast has gone up, and so I’m getting creative by making spaghetti bolognese and chilli con carne. 

Sometimes I just put pasta with my mince and mix baked beans in! I looked at the 500g packs of 20% fat beef mince in both shops – Lidl had it available for £1.95, but Aldi emerged victorious with their version at £1.75, 20p cheaper.

Baked Beans – Cheaper at LIDL, Get 10g More

I had to get a tin of baked beans next. These are definitely a British staple. Whether you’re putting them with a jacket potato, on toast or with chips, they go with so many meals.

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This was a close one – they were 26p at both shops, but you get 10p more at Lidl. That means they’ve beaten Aldi on this one. For whatever reason, Aldi offered a 410g tin while Lidl had a 420g one!

Potatoes – A TIE

If you’re looking for a bag of potatoes, you can go to either shop for this item. I found 2.5kg bags for the same price of £1.25 in both Lidl and Aldi. 

I’ve got to say, these two stores both have a good reputation for competitively priced fruit and vegetables. I usually spend about £20 less a month when I pick up my bananas, potatoes and tomatoes from one of these shops.

Macaroni Pasta – Cheaper at ALDI, Save 6p

If your kids want macaroni cheese for dinner this week, you’ll save a couple of pennies by getting your pasta from Aldi instead of Lidl. The difference in price may not seem like much, but it all adds up.

I compared their 500g bags and noticed it was 85p in Lidl, but 79p in Aldi. This item is a staple for any food cupboard, so I picked up the cheaper bag and headed to the fridge section next…

Chipolata Sausages – Cheaper at LIDL, More Gram For Gram

This was an interesting one – at first glance, Aldi looks like the winner. Their chipolata sausages are £1.75, while Lidl’s product is £2.79. It seems like a no-brainer, right?

But take a closer look at the packaging and you’ll notice that Lidl’s product is almost twice the weight. It’s 681g, while Aldi’s pork chipolatas are just 340g. In other words, you’re getting a lot more gram for gram at Lidl, so they win this time around.

Mushrooms – Cheaper at ALDI, More Gram For Gram

You get more sausages at Lidl, but if you want mushrooms you’re better off going to Aldi. They’re offering 260g of British chestnut mushrooms for 95p, while Lidl has Scottish baby button mushrooms in a 200g pack for 89p.

Again, it’s worth looking at more than the price. Aldi’s product is 6p more, but you’re also getting 60g more – so it’s better value for money!

Chicken Leg – Cheaper at ALDI, Save 10p

Chicken leg is a cheaper cut, and it goes well with vegetables for a Sunday roast. I noticed that Lidl is offering 1kg for £2.09, but it’s 10p less at Aldi for £1.99.

I wanted to pick some up to try them in the air fryer – plenty of bargain hunters are using air fryers at the moment and I’ve joined the trend! I found a recipe online for air-fried crispy curry chicken so I’ll be trying that out soon.

Chopped Tomatoes – Cheaper at ALDI, Save 7p

Chopped tomatoes are vital for every food cupboard. They bulk up every dish imaginable and they’re cheap, too. That said, there’s always an opportunity to save a little extra, which is exactly what I did here.

I found a tin for 39p in Lidl, but Aldi was offering its own version for 32p. If you’re buying several tins at once to stock up, this 7p saving will soon add up. It’s always worth keeping an eye on prices for staple items like these.

Plain Flour – Cheaper at ALDI, Save 11p

Flour is one of those items we tend to just pick up quickly if we’re running low, but even if you don’t buy it that often, it’s worth checking the prices as there can be huge differences depending on where you shop.

I found proof of this by checking out the offering in Lidl, where I would pay 69p – and comparing it with Aldi, where I could get the same amount for 58p, 11p less!

Custard Creams – Cheaper at ALDI

Aldi strikes again with bigger product sizes and better value for money. Their custard creams are 49p, while Lidl offers these biscuits for 37p.

However, you get more at Aldi and they work out slightly cheaper. If you prefer bourbon biscuits, you can go to either store – they’re 66p at Lidl, or you can get half the amount for half the price at Aldi, paying 33p.

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The LatestDeals.co.uk Co-Founder concluded: “Most of the products were cheaper at Aldi, which I found surprising. I thought there would be more of an even divide between the two shops. 

“There’s no guarantee this situation will remain the same, as prices change. That’s why I always recommend being disloyal to supermarket brands and using resources like the Supermarket Comparison Tool to find the best prices for your groceries, so you can head out to the shops in confidence knowing you’re saving as much money as possible.”

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