I'm a safety expert – why you should NEVER hang your bags on the hook on the back of a public toilet door | The Sun

I'm a safety expert – why you should NEVER hang your bags on the hook on the back of a public toilet door | The Sun

THOUSANDS of us use them, instead of putting our bags on the floor.

But former police officer turned safety expert Nichelle Laus has warned against making use of the hooks on the back of the doors in public toilets – as it puts your bag in prime pinching position.

Demonstrating her point, Nichelle shared a video on her TikTok page, showing herself sitting on the toilet as someone reached over the top of the toilet door to take the bag that she'd put there.

"Why you should never use the hooks on the back of a public washroom stall," she wrote over the clip.

She added in the caption: "Bathroom stalls are the perfect place to steal your personal belongings as you can’t get a description of the thief, and you’re normally not in a position to get out of the stall fast enough before they take off.

"Always stay vigilant!"

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In the comments section, numerous remarks came from people who had experienced that kind of theft.

"My backpack got stolen in high school like that," one wrote.

"First day of school in 11th grade in TN.

"Last time I used the bathroom in school."

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"This happened to my great grandma and she went after them," another added.

"This happened to my mom once in a Burger King bathroom," a third said.

"A man went into the women’s bathroom and tried to steal her bag.

"Luckily he was unsuccessful."

While others admitted that Nichelle's video had unlocked a new fear for them.

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"Never thought of this," someone else wrote.

To which Nichelle replied: "You never know. Stay safe and be mindful."

"Is there anything I don’t have to be careful about? Anything at all?" another asked.

With Nichelle answering: "Haha not around me."

As for where you should put your bag instead of on the hook, Nichelle explained in another video: "Newer washrooms have a fold down shelf or hooks on inner side or back walls.

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"Or you can just hold it somehow with you.

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