I'm a redheaded gym girl – people can't believe the human pretzel positions I can contort my body into | The Sun

I'm a redheaded gym girl – people can't believe the human pretzel positions I can contort my body into | The Sun

THIS fitness girl is no stranger to turning heads at the gym – the reason why might be different than what you think.

Getting in a good stretch before a workout has several benefits, including reducing the risk of cramps while exercising.

Shy Foxten (@ShyFoxten) has an unusual method of getting in her pre-workout stretches.

She shares it with her more than 2,000 TikTok followers, however, she claims in her bio that her account got banned at more than 50,000 followers.

Shy can bend her body in ways similar to a contortionist leaving viewers in awe of the positions she can put herself in.

According to her Instagram, which boasts more than 75,000 followers, Shy describes herself as an "aspiring contortionist."

In one video, Shy has her legs spread as she bends all the down until her head is between her legs.

Shy holds the position for several seconds and smiles at the camera.

In another video, this time at the gym, Shy is in a yoga position known as the scorpion pose.

The advanced pose has the person dropping their legs toward the head, keeping their knees together while arching their back.

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It's a difficult pose for beginners but Shy seems to do it with ease as she stretches her muscles.

She holds the challenging pose for several seconds before finally coming to a rest near the end of the video.

Passersby look on in shock with one man even shouting "Holy S**t!" as he stares at Shy.

"The reactions I get at the gym," Shy wrote in the caption of the Tikok along with a laughing emoji.

Meanwhile, a gym girl says that people don't talk about the "hardest" part of working out, and it has to do with wearing a bra.

Also, a curvy girl showed off her "missing waist" and it has men calling her the "prototype."

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