I’m a pro cleaner, one single mum’s fridge had me stunned – she had 21 milk cartons and meat two YEARS old | The Sun

I’m a pro cleaner, one single mum’s fridge had me stunned – she had 21 milk cartons and meat two YEARS old | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner was left in shock after offering to help a mum-of-three clear out her fridge.

The inside was full of rotten produce and meat, some dating as far back as 2020.

The cleaner, who goes by the name, Not the Worst Cleaner, shared the video on TikTok where it has gone viral with over seven million views.

In the clip the cleaner revealed: "While cleaning out this single mum-of-three kid's fridge we found meat that dated back to 2020.

"There were 21 milk cartoons, 11 in the fridge and ten on the counter that dated back to 2020 as well."

During the deep clean, the cleaner also found 'mystery' meat that couldn't be identified as it had rotted so much.


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Not only was the meat rotten, but the fridge was full of gone off condiments, rotting produce that was unidentifiable.

"The smell was absolutely horrendous, even with masks on so we did have to make sure we moved quickly.

"There was even yogurt from 2020 where the tops had actually popped open because it moulded so bad," the cleaning pro added.

Inside the fridge, was a mysterious black liquid that stuck everything down to the shelves.

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But this didn't put the cleaner off , and she managed to give the fridge a complete makeover and make it look brand new again.

Viewers were astonished by the state of the fridge and praised the cleaner for helping the mum out.

One wrote: "This poor mama. I can feel this in my soul."

"This breaks my heart for this poor mama I’m so glad she gets a literal fresh start," another commented.

A third penned: "Thank you for doing this for her. Not many people would take on this task and I’m sure she needed it."

Meanwhile, a fourth said: "You are a blessing to that family. Thank you!"

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