I’m a pregnant Hooters girl – I’ve been told I’ll get more tips, some men are attracted since I’m ‘fertile’ | The Sun

I’m a pregnant Hooters girl – I’ve been told I’ll get more tips, some men are attracted since I’m ‘fertile’ | The Sun

A PREGNANT Hooters server has discovered there are real advantages on offer when you are expecting.

She has high hopes there will be great compensation for the exhausting hours spent on her feet while carrying her unborn child.

The Hooters uniform has an iconic status and is most certainly attention-grabbing.

Waitresses wear the tiniest and tightest shorts in orange, with figure-hugging white T-shirts that have Hooters' logo emblazoned across the chest.

But if you’re pregnant, it can be a tight squeeze getting into their regulation uniform.

Hooters girl Gabbi (@gabbmann) has experienced the problem herself.

As her bump grows her uniform gets ever tighter.

But one of her followers reminded her, expecting a child while still working at the restaurant chain has its benefits.

Some might consider it to be fetishistic.

In a recent post to her TikTok, diminutive Gabbi was dressed for her shift.

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She wore her Hooter’s uniform, and her T-shirt and shorts were bursting at the seams as the pregnancy progressed.

She said: “Ladies if you work at Hooters and get pregnant, this is what you’ll be wearing. Don’t do it.”

One comment to her post said she worked until she almost gave birth: “I’m still in my uniform still at seven months.”

Others congratulated her.

But one commenter said Gabbi could make a bit more money off her current status.

“You’re gonna get a lot of tips. A lot of men get more attracted since you are ‘fertile’. I know, it’s weird, but it’s money.”

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