I’m a nursery teacher and the kids have constant meltdowns over the funniest things – here’s the list from week one | The Sun

I’m a nursery teacher and the kids have constant meltdowns over the funniest things – here’s the list from week one | The Sun

STARTING nursery can be scary for kids and teachers are used to meltdowns on a daily basis.

One nursery staff member has revealed the funny list of reasons she dealt with tantrums and tears in the first week alone, as she welcomed her class after the holidays.

TikTok user @meetmissalina said she “went through so many tissues” during the first few days.

She said: “Here are some of the reasons why my kindergartens had a meltdown during the first week of school.

“One of my sweet little boys zipped up his string cheese in his lunchbox, got caught in the zipper, tragic.”

Another boy, who was “number eight” for things they use in the classroom, couldn't understand why he wasn’t “number five.”

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Alina continued: “He goes ‘no I’m five my mum told me so’, so I said ‘ok I know you are five years ok’ and he said ‘yeah I can’t be eight.’ Started crying.”

The nursery teacher said one of her girls started hysterically crying when she learned that school is a recurring thing and she had to come back every single day.

She continued: “Another kid cried when I asked him to sit on a blue dot when he really wanted to sit on the yellow but there were no yellow spots and blue was too devastating.

“One of my kids picked up a ladybug and accidentally crushed it and killed it. 

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“End of the world.”

Another child was left in tears after flushing her hair clip down the toilet.

Alina concluded: “Lastly, my favourite one.

“One of my little girls gave me the biggest hug and cried because she didn’t want to go home because she wanted to stay here with me.”

Her video has racked up a million likes and people were quick to gush over the sweet stories.

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One said: “Im here for this series.”

Another added: “The girl that cried because school is every day, FELT THAT ONE.”

And a third commented: “the ladybug one is tragic.”

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