I’m a nurse but climb through skips to get my food – trolls say I’m stealing food the homeless should have

I’m a nurse but climb through skips to get my food – trolls say I’m stealing food the homeless should have

A TRAVEL NURSE often shares how she dumpster dives for food, but trolls have slammed her for taking food she can afford to buy.

Jillian, from the US, often hunts for food that has been thrown away by shops to feed herself, and even notes she has a healthier diet since.

Sharing her finds on TikTok, Jillian makes a variety of dishes with food items that had been thrown away.

She drinks a fresh smoothie every day with the food she finds, she explained: "The food that I find most is typically fruit that is just a tiny bit too ripe for purchasers."

Jullian often freezes the fruit to last longer, and on one of her dumsper diving adventures found a vegan pizza in the trash which she whipped up for lunch.

Since sharing her dumpster dibing antics on TikTok, Julian is often asked why she does it when she has the income to buy food outright.


I go dumpster diving for old food, it’s amazing how much I come home with

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She explained: "To me it comes down to the morality if it all.

"Consumerism, food waste, etc, is something i have been passionate about for kind of my whole life.

"I've experimented with different waysto combat consumerism, such as going zero-waste, growing my own food, so dumpster diving has become my new passion project."

She added: "It doesn't seem right for me to go and buy new food if there is perfectly good food, unspoiled in the dumster just waiting for me.

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Jullian also said she found the process fun, as she never know what she's going to get, or if she's going to get anything.

Dumpster diving is legal in some states of the US, but in other's the act is illegal.

The nurse has been meet with divided reactions over her dumsper diving habits, with some saying she should save the food for the homeless.

One person wrote: "leave it for the homeless, buy your own food and do your best to have zero waste."

"instead of throwing away fruits vegetables and other various items put it in the storage containers for the homeless people who don't get to eat food." Said another person.

Another user added: "since you are a travel RN making great money. just give it to the homeless."

"If you can afford to buy your own, aren’t you taking away from those who can’t?" A fourth person asked.


But Jullian responded to these comments in a video saying she knew she was fortunate she had a good income and that money was not the reason she dumpster dives.

For Jullian, her main motivation is to help reduce food waste.

Many users came to her defence, one said: "you literally only take a few things and there is so much left in the dumpsters when you leave."

"Girl you find some very good food!! I would do the same!! It’s so wasteful what they throw away!!" Another commented.

A third wrote: "I think this is amazing! I never thought about beating consumerism this way! Thanks for educating us."

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