I'm a nurse and I can’t believe the shocking way one woman had been ‘protecting’ herself from pregnancy and STIs

I'm a nurse and I can’t believe the shocking way one woman had been ‘protecting’ herself from pregnancy and STIs

A NURSE was left stunned when a patient came into the hospital and told her how she'd been "protecting" herself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The ER and Trauma nurse took to TikTok to recall the shocking situation, when the woman came into the hospital for an STD test.

As part of the test, the nurses routinely ask for a urine sample, which they then use to complete a urine pregnancy test.

"So when we explain to her that we needed urine for a urine pregnancy test, she said that there was no possible way that she could be pregnant," the nurse explained.

At that point, she asked the woman two questions – firstly, if she's having sex, and secondly if that sex is protected.

When the woman answered yes to the first and no to the second, she then asked her how she could guarantee that she wasn't pregnant.

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"Well, I’ve been using those pregnancy wipes," the woman replied – to the nurse's amazement.

The patient then proceeded to explain that she took a container of the wipes that they use at the hospital and had been using them on herself before and after having sex.

"So then she points to these and says, 'you know, these are those no pregnancy wipes – you don’t get pregnant if you use these wipes'," the nurse recalled.

"And I said, 'How in the hell do you think that these keep you from getting pregnant?"

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"So she says, 'Well look at the label – there’s a baby and there’s an X through it – so that means you can’t get pregnant if you use those'."

In astonishment, the nurse said that the symbol means that you can't wipe a baby with them – it doesn't mean that they prevent pregnancy.

"I said, 'How long have you been using those? Because those are bad for you – you’re not supposed to wipe yourself with them'," she continued.

"And she says, 'Well I stole a bottle from here about two months ago and I’ve been using them ever since'."

After viewing the video, people were desperate to know whether the woman had had a positive pregnancy test.

To which the nurse replied that she "was not pregnant" but had "an STD and chemical burns".

"Ok but this is EXACTLY why we should be teaching kids reproductive health in school AND at home," one person commented on the video.

"I had a 17 year old tell me her boyfriend told her she can’t get pregnant if she was on top in the front seat of his truck," another person wrote.

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"I about fell on the floor!"

"You are supposed to wear gloves to even use those," someone else said of the wipes.

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