I'm a new student teacher but have nothing to wear… it's all too skimpy, I'll have to spend my whole wage on new clothes | The Sun

I'm a new student teacher but have nothing to wear… it's all too skimpy, I'll have to spend my whole wage on new clothes | The Sun

SHE'S gearing up to start a new job as a student teacher in just a few weeks.

But Jada has just realised that she has absolutely nothing in her wardrobe that is suitable to wear into a school.

Jada – who is also a beauty pageant queen – took to TikTok to bemoan her love of skimpy outfits.

She shared a video showcasing some of her looks, including a lacy white lingerie bustier, a black bow crop top, a pink strapless ruffle-trimmed corset and a barely-there wraparound black top.

She's clearly a fan of the underwear as outerwear trend, and continued the video by showing another bustier, as well as a pink PVC miniskirt, tiny denim skirt and a black and white strappy crop top.

"POV: you start student teaching in two weeks," Jada wrote over the top of her video.

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She added in the caption: "I've basically had to spend my entire paychecks on work clothes."

People in the comments section were quick to offer Jada some suggestions, with one writing: "Girl best tip is to buy clothes that you can wear in and out of the classroom."

"Start with a pair of dressy pants and just get some cheap plain coloured T-shirts, you can then accessorise them to dress them up a bit," another added.

"Old navy + target + shein will be ur bffs," a third said.

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"Literally just plain short/long sleeve bodysuits and suit pants are the go to and still wearable outside the classroom," someone else commented.

"Time to get some basics! Honestly a few pairs of pants/skirts and basic shirts you’ll be fine," another wrote.

But others admitted they were in similar situations to Jada.

"I'm teaching my own course starting next week (5th year grad student) and the STRUGGLE is too real," one wrote.

"Me!! I spent so much this weekend buying professional clothes," another admitted.

"Two more weeks!"

"I too am in this predicament," a third commented.

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