I'm a mum – my hack keeps ice cream soft in the freezer and all you'll need is a household item

I'm a mum – my hack keeps ice cream soft in the freezer and all you'll need is a household item

IT'S getting to that time of year again where all your kids want is a big bowl of ice cream – or a Mr Whippy.

Buying ice cream for the family from the ice cream man can feel like taking out a mortgage, and store bought ice cream can often get frost bite and be too hard to enjoy.

But those days are over, as one mum shared the easy way to keep ice cream soft.

Shannon, from the US, shared the hack on her Instagram account, At Home With Shannon, just in time for the summer holidays.

Allyou need is a plastic food bag – something you probably already have in your cupboard.

In the video Shannon demonstrates how to use them to keep your ice cream soft in the freezer.


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She simply takes out the tubs of ice cream and puts them in the plastic bag and seals them before returning them to the freezer.

The freezer bags help keep the ice cream extra insulated as freezer burn happens when air hits frozen food.

Plus, it means no more bent spoons form trying to scoop it out when it's as hard as a rock.

Shannon said: "This is such a great little trick so your ice cream does not get too hard or freezer burnt!! So SIMPLE! "

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And it seemed viewers of the video were just as impressed by how simple the hack was.

One wrote: "This is the best hack you're amazing!"

"Thank you sooooooooo much for this," added another.

A third commented: "Well that just changed my life…."

Recently, the mum has also shared a mind-blowing hack that proves we've all been peeling our oranges wrong.

She starts the video by asking viewers if they have been cutting oranges wrong for their whole lives.

Shannon then shows an easy hack to getting the most out of your orange without dealing with peeling off the skin.

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She cuts the orange straight down the middle, and then proceeds to fold down the rind on all sides, pushing on the bottom to pop the fruit right out.

"It pops right out, I mean it's genius," she says in her video.

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