I'm a home expert – why ditching the dishwasher won’t save you cash and 7 other useless energy-saving hacks to avoid | The Sun

I'm a home expert – why ditching the dishwasher won’t save you cash and 7 other useless energy-saving hacks to avoid | The Sun

WITH the inflation on the rise, many Britons are desperate to try just about any hack to help with the costs – but how many of these are actually useful?

According to one home expert, you shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet, as some money-saving tips are just pure ''nonsense''.

Chatting to The Express, Jonathan Rolande, from House Buy Fast, explained: “At the moment it can be tempting to follow every single piece of advice out there in relation to energy and money saving.

''But, like anything, not all advice is good advice and I’ve become concerned in recent weeks about certain measures which are being promoted.

''Obvious steps like taking shorter showers, wearing an extra layer of clothing and turning down the heating a degree will save you money.

''But there are other measures being suggested which aren’t right for many householders.”

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The whizz listed eight “myths” which he is most “concerned” about, and the ones Britons should be wary of adopting.

Keeping all windows closed is best

It may prevent draughts, but in the long term, keeping windows closed can cause condensation, which may be costly to fix.

Instead, Jonathan advised allowing a bit of ventilation as much as possible, especially if you're heating's switched on.

He explained: “Having the heating on all day can make the inside of your home feel stuffy and can actually affect your health, leaving skin and sinuses uncomfortable and dry. 

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“It can even result in headaches and nosebleeds. Many people resist opening a window for fear of losing heat from the house.

''Keeping them shut at all times reduces ventilation which can cause damp, mould and rot. 

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“Try opening a window for five to 10 minutes a few times a day during the colder months, especially when cooking or after a shower and if you have them, keep trickle vents open.”

Painting radiators black to make them more efficient

This common myth, he noted, comes from the theory that dark colours radiate heat better.

However, as radiators work through convection, the idea that painting them black is “nonsense”.

It is cheaper to run appliances at night

The expert explained: “It’s cheaper to run my appliances at night. This may be true, but not for most of us.

''While some households in the UK are on tariffs that vary depending on the time of day, the majority of customers pay the same rate at all times of day and night. 

“However, if you know you are already on an Economy tariff, or are considering switching to one, then running appliances during off-peak periods will be cheaper.”

Filling up the loft to insulate the home

Contrary to what many think, packing the loft with boxes, cases and unused furniture will not help to insulate the home.

In fact, according to the home guru, if they’re squashing the insulation down, they could be doing the complete opposite.

The expert added: “If you want to store things in the loft, set aside an area next to the hatch, add insulation only to the level of the joists (or raise flooring to boost depth) and then put insulated loft board across the joists to place your items on.

''The rest of your loft should be insulated to a depth of 270mm (10.5 inches).”

Avoid using the dishwasher

Jonathan said: “Dishwashers often get a bad reputation for being lumped in with energy-sucking appliances such as tumble dryers.

“Whilst tumble dryers remain a serious energy offender (drying your clothes on a rack in front of a radiator instead could save you up to £130 per year), dishwashers are not as bad for the environment.”

In some cases, he added, when used properly, the dishwasher could actually use less energy than hand-washing dishes.

That's, of course, if it's fully loaded and stacked properly, so that every dish surface is accessible to the water jets.

Sharing his expertise, Jonathan added that you should be careful not to overload it and those on a cheaper night tariff, should set the appliance to run then.

Double glazing is the best way to save money

 He explained: “People often think that windows are a major problem because they can be draughty and cold draughts are very noticeable. 

“It’s true that double glazing is much better at keeping heat in than single glazing.

''But, out of the heat you lose from your home, you actually lose about 35 percent through the walls, about 25 percent through the roof, and only about 10 percent through the windows. 

“We’re not saying that double glazing is a waste of money, but it’s often better to make sure you've insulated the loft and walls first.”

Log burners will save you money

Although this may be promoted as a long-term way to cut energy costs, log burners create huge amounts of dust and particulate pollution.

Jonathan said: “Also, right now, wood is increasingly expensive – around £80 per square meter, unless of course you are lucky to have a free supply. 

“They also only heat one room and provide just moderate secondary heat to nearby areas. Remember too you need a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector if using.

''Log burners are also an increased fire risk and can rarely be used in rentals without permission.”

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