I'm a hairdresser – what I really think of this Love Islands' girls hair – one of them needs to back off the extensions | The Sun

I'm a hairdresser – what I really think of this Love Islands' girls hair – one of them needs to back off the extensions | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL hair whizz has shared her thoughts on this year's islanders locks – and one of them is practically drowning in hair extensions.

The guru, Rachel Valentine (@rachelvalentinehair), took to TikTok where she spilled some tea on all things Love Island 2023 beauty.

Rachel, who has close to a whopping 50k fans on the social media platform, started the video with Tanyel Revan – a hairstylist herself.

''I think the colour is stunning. Her extensions are really good quality,'' Rachel noted in the clip.

''They look really nice and shiny, even though she's been in the sun for all these weeks.''

But despite being obsessed with the look, Rachel reckoned the 26-year-old had gone a bit overboard with the fake locks.


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''I think the extensions are just a bit too long for her. They're right down to her hip.

''She's a petite girl and I just think it kind of drowns her a little bit.

''If it was me, I would take about four, five inches off the ends of her extensions.''

Next, Rachel moved to Lana Jenkins, from Luton, where she works as a make-up artist.

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Sharing her thoughts on the stunner, Rachel said: ''I love her blonde. I think she looks great, she really suits it.

''However, if I was here colourist knowing she was going into the Love Island villa, I personally would've added a bit of shadow through the roots.''

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This, she went on to explain, is because when the hair is growing out, it will leave a harsh line on her head.

Lastly, Rachel chatted a bit about one of the latest bombshells to join the ITV hit, Sammie Elishi.

''I would say that she has never coloured her hair – it looks pretty natural.

''It's quite refreshing to see someone going in there with no extensions and just having completely natural hair.

''I love the way she styles it. At night, she does some really nice slick-back ponytails and stuff like that.

''I'm a lover of her hair,'' Rachel chuckled.

Over the years, past islanders have also no doubt used keratin before heading for the big show – but now woman shares her hair-rific experience which saw her lose heaps of locks.

Like many, Chloe Sinclair Jones, from Cardiff, used to take great care of her long hair and on one occasion she decided to treat herself to a keratin treatment.

However, now, six months later, she's losing handfuls of her once-pretty locks, leaving the mum in tears.

Urging fellow beauty enthusiasts to not make the same mistake, Chloe warned her 3.4k followers on TikTok.

''watched my self [myself] go from a happy outgoing person to a depressed mess that crys [cries] everyday about my hair,'' she revealed in the now-viral video.

''im [I'm] not the same person i was 6 months ago,'' said Chloe, adding she wished she had never got it done in the first place.

To prove just how much she had lost over the course of a few months, Chloe shared snippets of herself before and after the hair-rific nightmare.

Half a year ago, Chloe's hair was long and thick – but now, with huge chunks of locks in her palms, the woman was constantly in tears.

''I don’t think I’d even get it back to the tickness [thickness] and length it was that’s what’s the hardest part,'' she opened up to her fans.

Seeing the dramatic difference, social media users flocked to comments to show support.

One said: ''People saying it’s just hair. You don’t understand the time and patience it takes to have hair that long.''

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Someone else recommended: ''Get hair mayo. It literally saved my hair after keratin treatment.''

A third had a similar experience, writing: ''I had a keratin treatment almost two years ago and my hair all fell out. it’s never been the same.''

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