I'm a hairdresser – these are the TikTok trends ruining your hair & cause permanent damage

I'm a hairdresser – these are the TikTok trends ruining your hair & cause permanent damage

WE'RE always looking for the latest hair trends and tricks that promise to enhance our tresses – but there are some that could cause more harm than good.

It can be hard to know which ones are genuinely worth trying out, to give you the salon-worthy hair you crave.

Thankfully, help is on hand.

Here, The Bohemians hairstylist Salvatore Lerna reveals which trends you need to avoid to prevent long-lasting damage…

Scalp Popping

Scalp popping is currently doing the rounds on TikTok, and sees people yanking clumps of hair from their head as quickly as possible to make a 'popping' sound.

Salvatore says: "This looks very damaging to the hair and its growth, as it could permanently damage the bulb of the hair.

"I would not suggest doing it as it can tear the inside of the scalp, which can bleed on the inside."

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Dye disaster

One TikTok trend involves spraying perfume on straighteners and then using them on your hair to dye it a different colour – however experts have warned it's fake.

Salvatore says: "This does more harm than good!

"Due to the types of chemicals and alcohol that are used in perfume, that is not designed to be used on hair.

"Plus you are burning the alcohol into the hair to try and get any dying affect.

"Avoid this at all costs as alcohol removes protein from the hair which leaves it dry and brittle.

"It also removes any natural oils or moisture from the hair shafts leading to more frizziness, dullness and flyaways."

Splitting hairs

Another trend involves using a pair of scissors to cut away any 'split ends' – however it can actually be incredibly damaging to healthy hair.

Salvatore says: "As a hairstylist I've seen this trend a lot.

"But it's not actually cutting split ends, you're simply trimming new growth hair that is a different length to old hair.

"If you do this too often and you do not have damaged hair or split ends, you will prevent hair growing longer as you're simply trimming healthy sections of hair.

"If your ends are damaged, leaving them to grow without a trim every couple of months can lead to more damage and breakage.

"I don't recommend doing this yourself but it is important to go for regular trims every couple months to ensure healthy hair growth."

Damage limitation

Another hair hack recommended online involves just washing the top half of your hair.

Salvatore says: "Whilst washing long hair may take a while to wash, neglecting to wash your full head of hair for a long period of time can cause build-up on the scalp.

"This can damage hair and even stop its ability to grow.

"Dirt, oil, and hair product can show up within four to six days for people with finer, straighter hair, so leaving this on your scalp for longer than necessary could further damage your scalp and hair health."

Heat-free hack

Another trend doing the rounds shows viewers how to get waves – without using heat, and if used correctly, it can actually be better for hair.

Salvatore says: "Any form of hair styling that doesn't involve heat is actually always a good thing for the hair.

"Having a way to style without heat is amazing.

"My only advice would be to not use any curl tools  on damp or wet hair as this can really damage the structure of the cuticle, leaving your hair looking brittle, coarse and broken."

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