I’m a gypsy but work as a nurse people always judge me and say the same rude things all the time | The Sun

I’m a gypsy but work as a nurse people always judge me and say the same rude things all the time | The Sun

SHE works as a nurse.

But due to the fact she's also a gypsy, people say the same rude things to Charlotte Ann all the time.

"You’re a gypsy/traveller girl that works," Charlotte began her TikTok video.

First, she showed an image of an older man, who often says to her: "Wow you’re so nice, would never believe you’re a gypsy."

Over a picture of some young gypsy girls in colourful outfits, she wrote: "Our daddies would never let us work."

And alongside a snap of a gypsy girl in a wedding dress, she added: "Why waste your life working? Should have got married at 16 like me."

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Older women often assume that Charlotte "still doesn't pay her taxes".

While over a picture of a gypsy man wearing a heavy gold chain around his neck, she wrote: "You need a real man like me to look after you."

"The life of a working women," Charlotte captioned her video.

"From one traveller to another I’m so proud of you and hope more girls do this," one person commented on the video.

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To which Charlotte replied: "Thank u so much god bless you."

"I’m a traveller and Iv just passed too become a nurse it was hard but i did it im proud of u," another added.

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"Facts!!! People I work with are shocked when they find out, then I get told 'but your not like a proper one though are you'," a third wrote.

With Charlotte answering: "That is worst of worst i had that said me before and i was shocked and hurt and they thought was a compliment."

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