I’m a gypsy but I’m often too scared to tell people, we get so much hate it’s just not worth it

I’m a gypsy but I’m often too scared to tell people, we get so much hate it’s just not worth it

A WOMAN has revealed that she's often too scared to tell people she's a gypsy because of the amount of hate she receives.

Social media star Chantelle shared a video to her 173.8k TikTok followers informing viewers of their strict rules and the discrimination she's faced as a gypsy.

In the video, which has been viewed over 17k times, Chantelle explains: “A lot of things have changed, we have very, very strict rules.

“Especially on the girls, but I think what the worst thing about being a gypsy is the hate that we get. 

“A lot of people don’t understand the amount of hate that we get. We get kicked out of restaurants, get kicked out of cinemas. 

“People need to realise that calling people pikeys is racist, because that is coming towards us. 

“We got a lot of hate, and people don’t even notice.

“And it really hurts your feelings, and you're scared to tell anyone that you’re a gypsy – that is like the worse thing. 

“As soon as you say, ‘oh I’m a gyspy,’ they say ‘oh no you’re going to steal, you’re going to hurt animals,’ no.

“There’s good and bad in everyone, but, yeah it’s hard being a gypsy especially because for girls. 

“Boys can basically do what they want, but girls have to stay home, cook, clean, babysit, they can’t go out, they can’t go out all the time.

“So that’s the worst thing about being a gypsy.”

In another video she also explained how the girls have to be accompanied by a family member if they are heading to a party. 

She says: “If we go to a gypsy party, or a gypsy gathering, we would have to have a boy cousin or something to come with us. 

“So, they’ll be there to make sure that no other gypsy boy try grabbing us and stuff, because I am a Romany Gypsy and we don’t believe in that.

“For going out wise, the boy would have to come back and ask my dad permission to like ‘court’ me.

“So he’ll have to come here and be like, ‘is it alright if I go out with your girl?’ and if my dad says no, then he doesn’t have permission.”

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