I’m a gypsy and gave my son a very unusual name, I love dressing him up too…trolls say it's too OTT but it’s my choice

I’m a gypsy and gave my son a very unusual name, I love dressing him up too…trolls say it's too OTT but it’s my choice

A GYPSY mum-of-one has slammed online trolls who have attacked her son's unusual name and rather flamboyant outfits.

Shannon, who is from the UK and has a son named Boy Price, took to TikTok in response to one person who asked why she gave her son such an unusual moniker.

In a short video, she explains: "Right, well his real name isn't Boy."

"He doesn't get called his real name, I don't think he ever has. If you ask him what his name is, his name is 'Boy Price.'"

And it wasn't just Boy Price's name that trolls took issue with, it was the clothes she dressed him in, too – with some even cruelly comparing him to the clown from Stephen King's thriller, It.

"I feel sorry for the little lad. He's very beautiful but dressing him like Pennywise isn't fair," wrote one.


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In response, a frustrated Shannon shared a second video and hit back: "Well Karen, I will agree with you on one thing….he is very beautiful.

"But you don't have to feel sorry for my baby, he's very well looked after and beautifully dressed – I'll give him that.

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But to say a child looks like Pennywise – how do you think that's OK?"

I really don't understand how you think it's OK to call that to any child – God help if you've got children of your own – I feel very very sorry for them to be honest with you."

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If you can call a stranger's child names, what could you call your own?"

If you don't like the way my child's dressed Karen, I suggest one thing- unfollow me, don't look at me posts or the best thing to do is block me."

Another commented: "Why would you put a little boy in this – especially knowing that by the time he's 12 he's going to be door to door driveway sales robbing the elderly?"

In a third clip, Shannon replied: "This has definitely made me laugh."

"The way he's dressed…what's it got to do with what he's doing when he's 12?"

Shannon captioned the post: "Just got to agree with these sad people."

And it wasn't long before social media users took to the comments section, with many jumping to Shannon's defence.

"Why are they so bothered?" wrote one. "It’s not their child plsss he looks unbelievable he always looks so smart don’t knoe why people care so much pls."

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A second penned: "What sort of comment is that leave him alone he’s dressed lovely all my boys was dressed the same."

A third quipped: "Whyyy is theses people bullying a child!!! Hope he robs little miss sunshine first!"

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