I’m a gym girl – I lost 130lbs but still have cellulite, that won’t stop me from wearing shorts | The Sun

I’m a gym girl – I lost 130lbs but still have cellulite, that won’t stop me from wearing shorts | The Sun

A FITNESS fan has shared every aspect of her impressive weight loss.

She said losing 130 pounds still left her with cellulite, but she loves her body enough to continue wearing what she wants — including shorts.

Allison Roque (@allisonroquee) is a digital content creator whose productions focus on lifestyle topics.

She took to TikTok to share herself heavy lifting on leg day while wearing shorts.

The fit beauty showed herself squatting with large weights while encouraging other women to wear what they want.

"Even after a 130 pound weight loss I still have cellulite it’s NORMAL," she wrote in the caption. "ROCK THE SHORTS."

The video came as part of a fitness community effort to discourage bullying in the gym.

Many newcomers express nervousness about picking up a workout routine due to not looking like the ideal body shape.

Body positivity in the fitness world focuses on gym-goers improving their body by sticking to healthy habits and routines rather than looking like a specific celebrity.

Cellulite is common, even among thin and muscular body types.

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Fans of the workout video shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Some expressed being inspired by Roque's high energy TikTok.

"I just played this video over 100 times girl left this thing playing And started doing squats," one wrote.

Others agreed with Roque, sharing their own takes on the war on cellulite.

"I’m thin and I have cellulite," another added. "It just is."

"I don't think not one single man cares about cellulite," a third commented. "I know I for sure don't."

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