I’m a gardening pro – the top plants which can withstand icy winter temperatures… and it’s great news if you love kale | The Sun

I’m a gardening pro – the top plants which can withstand icy winter temperatures… and it’s great news if you love kale | The Sun

GARDENING experts have shared the top vegetables to plant in September that survive and thrive in icy winters. 

The team at Survival Garden Seeds claim it’s not too late to plant some tasty greens ahead of the chilly season, and some could be ready to eat before Christmas. 

There’s a whopping 15 seeds to choose from and some hardy plants can withstand temperatures as low as minus six degrees – and it’s fab news if you like kale.

Sharing their advice online, the experts wrote: “September isn’t too late to plant vegetables that you will be able to harvest before winter, or even continue to harvest after frost and some snow. 

“Here are some seeds you can plant in September for healthy nutrition straight from the garden.” 

First up is lettuce, which will thrive at temperatures between 12 and 23 degrees. Get this planted now to enjoy fresh leaves before the hard winter comes. 

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As hearty roast dinners become an evening staple, broccoli will grow in abundance providing temperatures stay above minus two. 

Curly kale is one of the hardiest veg of the lot, surviving happily at as low as minus six. 

But, they advise, you should cover the plants during frost to keep those leaves tender. 

Cauliflower is a strong seed too and can grow in chilly climes of minus twelve.

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If you want vegetables on tap, the best seeds to sow are peas and spinach.

Sweet green peas are ready to pick in two months, and you can freeze to enjoy them all year round. 

Meanwhile, Spinach is ready to pick in just a month.

Carrots are as strong and sturdy as they look, growing well in temperatures as low as minus nine, but you’ll need loose soil to get the best from them. 

If you’re planting fresh beetroot or turnips, be sure to get them into the ground two months before the first frost.

The variety of vegetables we can plant is music to gardeners’ ears. 

However, the team strongly advises that we keep track of the temperature where we live.

“Pay attention to the hardiness temperatures listed to know if they will work [where you live],” they wrote. 

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“If you are in a cooler zone with early frost, broccoli, cauliflower and peas could be started indoors for a head start.”

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