I'm a gardening expert and there are very easy ways to achieve a low maintenance lawn that STILL looks lush and green

I'm a gardening expert and there are very easy ways to achieve a low maintenance lawn that STILL looks lush and green

MOWING your lawn can feel like a full-time job over the summer months.

As soon as you cut it, it's seemingly back to being overgrown and messy before you can put the lawnmower back in the shed.

Luckily, gardening pro and chief creative officer at Sproutl, Hollie Newton, revealed her simple lawn trick.

She revealed one great option for those who don't relish the idea of dusting off the lawnmower every year.

If cutting the grass and strimming the edges isn't your thing, just don't do it, she confessed.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, she said: "It’s trendy to have areas with wildflowers and [grass] a bit longer.

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"I’d really look at your lawn and think which of the bits do you really want to use for a picnic rug or for football and things, and which are the bits that you really want to just look nice.

"I think right now, sowing wildflowers and wild grasses within the lawn is the very right time."

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Keeping the majority of your garden wild is not only a whimsical and trendy look, but it great for the surrounding wildlife.

The gardening whizz explained that having wildflowers and natural feeling spots in your garden in perfect for all kinds of insects and creatures.

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Attracting creepy crawlies might not me high on your gardening to-to list, but they're actually vital for a thriving outdoor space.

She continued: "I’m all for low maintenance and it’s amazing for insects and the biodiversity of your garden.

"It’s quite nice to have wildlife corridors.

"So if you’re planning a border, that section behind the fence, that’s quite nice to leave.

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"Things like not always putting cuttings in the green bin but maybe having a pile where you leave it for nature out of sight is a really helpful thing to do."

The lazy gardening hack promises maximum effect with little effort.

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